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FrontLine special edition on Space
CHRIS MacLEAN  |  Nov 15, 2008

Space. Peter Mansbridge, anchor of CBC Television’s nightly newscast, The National, recently asked if space is becoming sexy again. According to sources at the Department of National Defence, it certainly is. To share information about ­initiatives and opportunities happening in Canada, DND is holding a special Space Awareness Day at NDHQ on November 27th to alert staff to on-going and future DND/CF projects and partnerships, which include everything from environmental monitoring to bolstering national security.

FrontLine Defence has joined in this excitement to present a special edition on Space, Satellites and Radar. I would like to thank Ken Krukewich, whose unwavering dedication was the driving force in stickhandling the various articles into position and guiding them through the many hoops to completion. Ken has been instrumental in bringing many articles to FrontLine readers over the years, yet this presented quite a challenge considering the election restrictions in place.

The Director of DND’s Space Directorate (D Space D) Colonel François Malo, provides an overview of the opportunities and applications where space can assist.

Readers familiar with recent upheavals involving RADARSAT 2, will ­recognize the name Polar Epsilon. LCdr Robert Quinn updates us on this program that was first brought to your attention in our FrontLine Security magazine (Spring 2007 edition).

K. Joseph Spears discusses the need to involve the Inuit in Sovereignty and Space initiatives. Advancing the Canadian Ranger program to the next logical stage, Junior Rangers could be encouraged toward studies in radar technologies. In time, the ground stations in the northern extremes could be run by First Canadians.

Brad Wallace, an astrophysicist at DRDC, explains where space research is headed and, in a separate entry, tells us why ground stations are so critical.

Ken Krukewich, Glen Rumbold, and Randy Shelly update us on the SAPPHIRE project. We present info on SARSAT and the  JSSP project. Jean Beaudin of DRDC highlights the amazing possibilities offered by Ground Moving Target Indicator research.

You thought we might abandon our defence procurement crusade? Legal eagles Vince DeRose and John M. Green offer tips on how to make sure you don’t get ­disqualified from a bid.
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