Editor’s Corner article

FrontLine’s new ATI ... Access To Innovation
CHRIS MacLEAN  |  May 22, 2018

Maybe I’m set in my ways, and maybe it’s painful to acknowledge that the good ole days (when “content was king”) have given way to the DIY marketing phenomenon (a lesser-known aspect of “fake news”), but FrontLine will have to change, or die trying – well, maybe not “change” so much as “add to” our content. 

One of the most legitimate ways to do this, from my perspective, is to highlight innovation – that ongoing quest for improvement that defines an integral and universal aspect of the human experience. But why is innovation suddenly so important? Certainly it is essential to any healthy business but, in this day of hybrid warfare, where vulnerabilities of any operations intersect to place everything from business continuity to national security at risk, innovation is becoming an over-arching element that is critical to public safety and, in fact, our very sovereignty. 

So what is FrontLine going to do about it? In taking the lead to highlight innovation, we will endeavour to provide publicity to the companies that are making a difference today. Make no mistake, publishing is a very expensive business and we have our own families to feed, so our mandate is to make this new focus profitable – so we can fund the effort to highlight these stories (a requirement industry leaders will certainly understand). 

In our Fall edition, we will be initiating a special FrontLine Innovation Platform (FLIP) across multiple industries related to Defence and Safety and Security. 

We vow to draw the attention of those with great influence in your industry – this is an open invitation to contact us with your ideas, your visions, and your goals to innovate within your unique domain. 
On another note, for those of you who have not yet visited the GoFundMe page established to support VAdm Norman’s efforts to mount a strong defence against claims while doing his job, I encourage you to go to the page, if only to read the comments section.