CHRIS MacLEAN  |  August 2016

The most important lesson the Trudeau government should take away from Brexit is take advice from informed sources.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  May 2016

Safeguarding the Canadian way of life is the prime directive of government. Are politicians taking steps to ensure Canadians understand the issues that can affect their future security?

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  March 2016

Average citizens should not have to dwell on how to deal angry jihadis. The Government of Canada should not depend on polls or approval ratings before making the necessary hard choices to ensure our peaceful lifestyle is protected against those who would obliterate it.

February 2016

FrontLine publisher and editor Chris MacLean last week received the 2015 Ross Munro Media Award at the CDAI's 2016 Conference on Security and Defence in Ottawa.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  February 2016

The Liberal Government has chosen to step back and make real change rather than incremental adjustments that tend to bog down the system with numerous workarounds...

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  December 2015

Based on Prime Minister Trudeau’s clear mandates to his new Cabinet ministers, the government is clearly ready to think outside the box when it comes to Defence Procurement.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  October 2015

A recurring theme in many FrontLine articles over the last decade, the need for a clarification of vital national interests on which to articulate clear policy reverberates strongly in this edition.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  July 2015

Does quality and integrity in journalism matter? Do trade publications do enough to advocate for constructive change with informed commentary? Does the defence and security industry do enough to support the right effort?

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  May 2015

A look at how defence procurement activity will (not) progress through Fiscal Year 2015.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  March 2015

While the Loyal Opposition was established to hold the ruling government to account through constructive and responsible interrogation in the House. A more current definition (found on ask.com) describes the Loyal Opposition as “a group of dissenters who seek to disrupt the programs of the party in charge.” The question now, is who cares what the people want?