CHRIS MacLEAN  |  January 2015

Defence Procurement: it’s the Government’s duty to get things moving.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  November 2014

Canada’s air strikes are having the intended disruptive effect. The big question going forward is: will the peaceful Muslim community respond in unity against the so-called “Islamic State”?

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  September 2014

I believe we are indeed willing to fight for our way of life (and clearly, inaction is not even remotely an option), but who are we fighting, and why?

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  July 2014

Canned media releases and prepared statements are making true journalism more and more difficult.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  May 2014

Many have said it wouldn’t be done, some believed it couldn’t be done, but the federal government is actually working together to find the most workable combinations for defence procurement.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  March 2014

Change is in the wind. Although no one knows exactly how this will play out, defence and aerospace industry leaders welcome the new initiatives, hoping they will bring positive change.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  January 2014

There’s no denying that the Department of National Defence is in financial disarray.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  November 2013

Advice from a 101 year old Cameron Highlander.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  September 2013

As frustration levels rise among those involved in defence procurement, FrontLine responds by publishing additional rounds of constructive commentaries in this and coming editions.

CHRIS MacLEAN  |  July 2013

Should Canada make defence decisions based on the military’s perceived requirements, or should key national interests dictate what the military needs?