Relocation of Waterville Airport to 14 Wing Greenwood

19 June 2015

Defence Minister Jason Kenney today announced his support for the proposed relocation of Nova Scotia’s Waterville airport, in the Municipality of the County of Kings, to Royal Canadian Air Force 14 Wing Greenwood.

The possible 28-km relocation of the Waterville airport to 14 Wing Greenwood would not interfere with 14 Wing’s air operations, and the additional traffic would provide excellent training for the military air traffic controllers. The move would also allow Michelin Tire Company to expand its operations into property the airport previously occupied, helping to create up to 400 new jobs in the region.

“I strongly support the effort to relocate the Waterville Air terminal to the 14 Wing Greenwood military aerodrome,” said Minister Kenney. “This would be a positive move forward for job creation in the region, for military air traffic controllers’ training, and for an even stronger relationship between the military and civilian communities in the Annapolis Valley.”

A feasibility study was conducted by 14 Wing Greenwood to relocate the Waterville Airport’s civilian air traffic to 14 Wing. The location of a civilian air terminal within a military aerodrome has proven to be successful at other Royal Canadian Air Force Wings, such as at 19 Wing Comox, British Columbia and 3 Wing Bagotville, Quebec.

This proposal would be subject to further development and a mutually agreeable lease agreement.