Defence minister Sajjan visits NORAD headquarters

Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan paid his first visit to the North American Aerospace Defense Command Headquarters (NORAD) at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado yesterday. During his visit, he met with Admiral Bill Gortney, Commander of NORAD and U.S. Northern Command, and Canadian Lieutenant-General Pierre St Amand, Deputy Commander of NORAD.

Discussions focused on a number of issues important to the Canad-U.S. defence relationship, including continental defence, new challenges to North American aerospace defence and NORAD's continuing evolution to meet those challenges. The Minister toured the NORAD facilities and had an opportunity to speak with a number of Canadian and American military personnel who serve at its headquarters.

Minister Sajjan released the following statement at the conclusion of his visit:

“My visit to NORAD was a great opportunity to discuss the important work being carried out by this unique binational defence partnership to protect North America from potential airborne and seaborne threats. I want to thank Admiral Gortney and Lieutenant-General St-Amand, and their dedicated team, for their ongoing leadership and cooperation, which is essential for the defence and security of North America now and for the future.”