Montreal army reservists to train in urban winter warfare

Exercise QUORUM NORDIQUE 2016 (Ex QN 16) is urban winter warfare training involving 600 reservists of the Montreal Territorial Battalion Group from January 22 to 24, 2016. The exercise will take place in an urban setting, in Laval, Quebec.

The Montreal Territorial Battalion Group is a team largely made up of reservists from 34 Canadian Brigade Group (34 CBG) units. This multidisciplinary team is responsible for supporting national operations in urban settings for the purpose of territorial defence in the event of a crisis.

Over the weekend, soldiers will practice military manoeuvres and combat procedures related to defence scenarios. Soldiers will have a chance to work as a team with units from Western Quebec. This combined arms training will help the units to enhance their ability to conduct operations. ·

This urban military exercise aims to hone the skills of participating soldiers by exposing them to varying environments and training conditions. These conditions ensure that Army members are flexible and ready for deployment at the request of the Government of Canada.

The reservists take active part in these kinds of activities to prepare for every eventuality. They contribute to Canada’s defence and security and provide vital support for the regular forces.

34 CBG is an army reserve formation of 2nd Canadian Division, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. The reservists are part-time soldiers from diverse professional and academic backgrounds. Owing to the variety of their experience and skills, they enhance the professionalism and versatility of the Canadian Army. Ex QN 16 provides an additional opportunity to put their know-how to use.