Safety note to all camels: do not sit on women

24 September 2019

Now I've heard it all.

The story that seems more likely a Monty Python skit than real life, began when two travellers and a deaf dog stopped at the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana.

The truck stop also has a petting zoo (and formerly a tiger, which presumably wasn't for petting).

The travellers were intrigued with long-time resident, Caspar the camel, and the husband suddenly decided to throw some doggie treats into Caspar's pen.

Well, the dog wasn't up for sharing and scrambled over the fence to get his treats before the camel could gobble them up. Did I mention the dog is deaf? Since the couple couldn't get the pooch's attention verbally, the wife also crawled into the pen, to get him out of there.

Hubby was pushing Caspar and waving his hat to "scare" the now flabbergasted camel away, while the wife was obviously too close to the camel.

Somehow the camel sat on her. Unfortunately for Caspar, his naughty bits were too close to her face, and she was desperate to get him off her. So, she... bit him... where probably no camel has ever been bitten by a woman before. Yikes!

An investigation concluded that neither Caspar nor his owners were at fault. There were plenty of signs warning people to stay out of the camel enclosure.  “The camel did nothing wrong,” Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr. told the local newspaper.