Top Defence Capability Leaders 2021

22 June 2021

FrontLine has compiled the 2021 key industry leaders in the defence and national security sectors.

The following project primes and specialized subcontractors provide Top Quality solutions for mission-critical sectors around the globe.

The list below is in alphabetical order. Click on the company names for more information on each of these Top Defence Capability Leaders.

Airbus – Canadian Operations
Airbus is offering the H135 for Canada's advanced military pilot training role. With avionics similar to operational aircraft, this twin-engine full-spectrum trainer offers significant growth potential and the ability to future-proof the FAcT program while developing core skills for easy and safe pilot transition onto the complex helicopters of today’s RCAF fleet.

Beretta Defense Technologies / Stoeger Canada – Blue Force & Military Options
By providing military and law enforcement with a unique combination of services, weaponry and equipment, from enhanced tactical clothing to firearms, ammunition, optics and electro-optics, Beretta can match every operational need to cover a wide range of complex scenarios.

BMT – Ship Design & Engineering Consultants
A leading provider of marine design, engineering and program management support services across the complete platform life cycle, BMT’s experienced professionals are known for delivering a robust base of capability and capacity, operating across the defence, energy and transport markets.

CAE Canada – Canadian Project Overview
At the leading edge of digital immersion, CAE is focused on providing training solutions and operational in-service support across Canada. Their new state-of-the-art training centre in Comox will prepare C-295 aircrews and technicians as part of Canada’s new Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue program. 

Cleeve Technology Inc. – Furthering Made-in-Canada Options
Specializing in “interconnect” – from weapons systems to communications systems, from radar and data acquisition systems to secure internet, or the basics of electrical supply and power distribution – Cleeve has been directly involved in many major projects where “Made-in-Canada” solutions offer huge potential for IRB obligors.

JSK Naval Support Inc. – Torpedo Launcher System for CSC
With its Torpedo Launcher System recently selected for the new Canadian Surface Combatant program, JSK will be employing and training additional Canadian engineering professionals to enhance its production and integration capability of this sophisticated rapid-reaction weapon.

Raytheon Canada – North Warning System
The joint U.S./Canada North Warning System provides round-the-clock airspace security surveillance across North America’s polar region. Raytheon Canada ensures continued mission critical availability while maintaining a commitment to its Inuit Training Development Program.

Rheinmetall Canada – Land Vehicles and Crew Training
A number of Canadian projects align with Rheinmetall's well-established capabilities. Canada's Logistic Vehicle Modernization, Enhanced Recovery Capability, and Land Vehicle Crew Training System projects are a prime focus at the moment. Rheinmetall Canada recently won a sustainment contract for Canada's Persistent Surveillance System.