GreenShield device prevents friendly fire incidents

21 October 2020

A team of Canadian special forces who visited Israel last year was briefed about the Israeli developed system designed to void friendly fire.

There was no follow up to that initial presentation. The Canadian Armed Forces have encountered a number of friendly fire incidents in past years.

Israeli company Safe Shoot that developed the Green Shield system would only acknowledge that the system has been presented to the Canadian Armed Forces.

In the meantime, the U.S. army will soon begin the second phase of combat evaluation of an Israeli-made system. Last March, the initial tests were performed at U.S. marine base Quantico.

Another test will begin soon in Fort Benning. This test will allow different units to test the systems under special operational conditions.

The U.S army has an operational need for such a system, as over 25% of soldiers that are killed or wounded are the result of friendly fire.

Current systems are primitive, from a red blinker on the soldier helmet to a flag stacked into his vest.

The Green Shield, uses sensor fusion, and measures the position and the weapon direction of all devices in the network. A dynamic wireless network enables the exchange of data between all Green Shield devices.

The company says that if a high-risk issue is detected, the system will automatically alert the Green Shield user even if there is no line of sight, day or night and in all weather conditions.

According to Amir Nadan the company's CEO Green Shield is a system that prevents friendly fire and enhances the situation awareness of the shooter. "The wide range of sensors used by our system ensures the highest possible safety standards."

Green Shield's retired from the Israeli Defence Force, Brigadier-General Amir Nadan held very high ranking positions in the IDF Paratroopers Brigade and the Northern Command. 

The CEO added that using the system reduces the load on headquarters that is created by the need to coordinate between forces.

He explained that each participant in a shooting activity is equipped with a Green Shield device. Upon taking aim, the system immediately and automatically alerts shooters when there is a high risk of friendly fire, thus preventing a potentially disastrous outcome.

According to the Israeli company, the safeshoot system is a light weight, modular, self-contained, battery operated system. The device can be operated during daylight, darkness, adverse weather and dirty battlefield condition. The system has two parts:  A weapon mounted part that weight 50 grams and a second part that is carried inside the user combat vest that weight 200 gram. The weapon mounted part can be mounted on the weapon without having to remove the Rifle Combat Optic or Close Combat Optic. This , allows using the same aiming tactics, techniques and procedures. It provides a wireless target link between the users. The infantry on infantry range of operation (without mesh) is 900m. The tank on infantry range of operation (without mesh) is 4500m.

The system as a whole can operate in stand-alone mode and can easily be integrated with other systems like aiming devices, sights, observation or Command and Control existing or futuristic solutions. This flexibility The company says allows to share, deliver or collect data of position, direction or weapon status from other individuals, force or weapon.

"In general, knowing where your troops are, significantly improves the overall situational awareness, command flexibility and effectiveness of the whole performance."

The Green Shield system provides a solution for misidentification of friendly forces and improves inter-force coordination between all forces including aviation and ground forces. The system has different configurations applicable to tanks, attack helicopters, UAV, aircraft, infantry and ground support forces. It allows rapid maneuvering with close fire support, continuity of combat operations and improves tactical situation awareness in different terrains even in urbanized and complex terrains. Contrary to other command and control systems currently available, the SafeShoot military system automatically and autonomously alerts the shooters when there is a high risk of friendly fire, without the need of direct headquarters control or even network link bringing back confidence and trust at all levels.

The system can be expanded into after-action-review and reporting (AAR).

The vest mounted part should be carried by every soldier and the weapon mounted part should be mounted on every light weight weapon. Similar device should be connected to heavy weapons such as tank, UAV and helicopters. The capability should be used in all weather and light conditions and the recommended number is one per person or weapon system.   

According to the company's CEO,  the systems improves the combat capability in any multi-force operation that combines infantry, support fire, combat tanks, UAV and other systems.