HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 May 2015

There is a nagging perception that the terrorists have won – in a fiscal sense at least.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 March 2015

With the next election set for 19 October, the government faces relentless Opposition in the House of Commons. To avoid making a decision that may cost it votes, the government is leaving the fighter jet replacement millstone in the custody of the National Fighter Procurement Secretariat (NFPS), which was set up in early 2012. However, further study is pointless and a decision is long overdue.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 January 2015

FrontLine readers are, no doubt, aware of the numerous critiques of the Government’s support, administration and care of those who serve our nation in uniform. Will the new trio of heavy hitters be able to reset the much-criticized portfolio of Veterans Affairs Canada?

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 November 2014

What we have not considered, as a community of free thinkers, is that we have grossly underestimated the appeal and reach of jihadist propaganda to Canadians (and Americans) who feel any of the above stigmatizations or proclivities.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 September 2014

Defining Canada’s Roles and Commitments.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 July 2014

Watching as Canada struggles to maintain a Naval fleet that is ­commensurate with its efforts to be influential in global affairs.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 January 2014

It seems that the whole notion of political party membership being the only way to power at the federal level might need a determined re-think.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 November 2013

Deliberations on optional budget reductions must examine some sacred cows that have escaped scrutiny, largely because of ignorance, apathy or cowardice. Consider these gutsy ideas when cutting the defence budget.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 July 2013

Is history about to happen while we’re looking the other way? Don't forget, every decade can be decisive.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 March 2013

Promoting the myth that Canada is a peacekeeping country ­distorts and misunderstands history.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 January 2013

Success in battle begins behind the lines. Trimming the tail could mean pulling the teeth - the how and the why.

HUDSON ON THE HILL  –  15 September 2012

Canada has no defence policy and members of parliament seem disinterested in that fact. The CFDS is out of date, unaffordable and impotent.