Raytheon will provide full lifecycle development and sustainment support under a new contract with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that could be worth approximately $1 billion. DHS and the 100+ federal agencies using its infrastructure will draw upon the company’s broad cyber capabilities and 30 years of experience working with defense, intelligence and commercial customers.

As prime contractor for the Network Security Deployment Division (NSD), Raytheon will help safeguard the .gov domain. The U.S. government has noted that cybersecurity is one of its biggest national security challenges, and the White House has said the country must take "aggressive and decisive steps to protect our networks and information.“

“Today’s cyber threats are increasingly pervasive and serious, and our government and private sector institutions require the best protection possible,” said Dave Wajsgras, president of Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services. 

Defending a nation against continuous and evolving cyber threats involves securing the hardware and software within its Internet domain (think websites and email addresses that end in “.gov” for the United States). To accomplish this, Raytheon will support government efforts to develop, deploy and sustain systems that monitor, analyze and mitigate cyber threats to .gov networks.

“With today’s technology, an infinite amount of data is at our fingertips, and this increased access brings increased risk,” said Valecia Maclin, Raytheon program director. “As a premier provider of computer network defense to the nation, we are deeply committed to delivering unrivaled innovation to the federal government.”

Raytheon’s capabilities stem from decades of mission experience and the acquisition of more than 12 cyber companies over the last ten years. The company’s innovations in information sharing, predictive analysis, forensics and situational awareness address multiple areas of national interest.

“Raytheon has invested more than $3.5 billion in recent years to build our cybersecurity capabilities, and we’re looking forward to bringing the very best and most innovative solutions to the Department of Homeland Security,” Wajsgras said.

With threats continuously evolving, nations around the world need protection against inevitable cyber attacks. In partnership with the federal government, Raytheon is helping DHS secure the United States today and tomorrow.