Israel to choose new helicopter supplier

26 January 2021

Lockheed Martin and Boeing are in competition to supply new heavy-lift helicopters to the Israeli Air Force. The government acquisition committee has the data to make the selection, but the process has stalled due to the upcoming general elections in March.

IAI continues technology transfer to Canada

14 January 2021

As a long-time supplier of military technologies to Canada’s defense market, IAI has been investing in Canadian companies for over a decade. The largest defence and aerospace company in Israel, IAI’s inclusive philosophy of technology transfer has enhanced Canadian expertise and expanded potential export markets.

Contract Awarded

Germany to receive new logistics vehicles

6 January 2021

Rheinmetall will supply Germany with additional logistic vehicles – total volume tops €500 million, with almost €390 million coming from Germany’s pandemic recovery package.

Facing Evolving Aerial Threats

Modernized Integrated Air Defence Systems

8 December 2020

Newer technologies have brought about significant changes in the threats being faced, driving nations to modernize their defences, which are becoming vulnerable to counter-attacks and countermeasures. IAI’s BARAK MX sets new standards for modern air defence capability.

VTOL UAVs being evaluated in Canada

6 November 2020

The Canadian Armed Forces is evaluating some Bluebird Aero/IAI vertical take off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial systems. Bluebird's VP Business Development has confirmed the Israeli company is currently pursuing several very "promising" Canadian opportunities.

GreenShield device prevents friendly fire incidents

21 October 2020

A team of Canadian special forces who visited Israel last year was briefed about the Israeli developed system designed to void friendly fire. Israeli company Safe Shoot that developed the Green Shield system would only acknowledge that the system has been presented to the Canadian Armed Forces.

L3Harris delivers two F/A-18 Hornet aircraft to NASA

12 November 2019

L3Harris Technologies recently delivered two F/A-18 Hornet aircraft to NASA after successfully completing depot-level modifications and repair work.

Airbus reveals the future of air power

8 November 2019

Airbus has revealed its formerly-classified stealth project that has been under development for nearly two decades. The project has been funded by the German Defence Ministry, which believes Low Observable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles such as this will be integral to air power in the near future.

First RCAF C295 shows off final livery

8 October 2019

Purchased by the Government of Canada for the RCAF fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft replacement program, the new aircraft showed off its final livery today. The bright yellow paint scheme provides high visibility for those in the air and on the ground.

Airbus Helicopters Foundation supports rescue efforts in Chile

24 August 2019

An H125 rotorcraft has joined rescue activity in Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert region.