Interview: LGen Christopher Coates   –  May 2019

To get the insider perspective on the future of NORAD and how important Canada’s participation in this effort is, FrontLine spoke to Deputy Commander Lieutenant-General Christopher Coates from his post at NORAD HQ, Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

Interview: CADSI   –  February 2019

Canadian companies are set to vie for attention and contracts as one of the world’s largest military trade shows kicks off this weekend in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Interview: BGen Mike Nixon   –  April 2018

The Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Rangers participate regularly in security and sovereignty exercises. Kids are the future of the North, says BGen Mike Nixon, Commander of Joint Task Force North. 

Canadian Surface Combatant   –  November 2017

CEO Bruce Samuelson recently spoke with FrontLine about the challenges of designing a warship and the unique skills and knowledge that Alion brings to this project.

Interview: General James E. Cartwright   –  November 2017

General James E. Cartwright, former commander United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM), and 8th Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff discusses disruptive potential of hypersonic technology and weapons.

Lessons Learned   –  March 2017

At the annual CDA conference, Interim leader Rona Ambrose shared her thoughts on the defence policy review and defence procurement.

Commander Peter Bergen Henegouwen (Royal Netherlands Navy)   –  October 2015

Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group One (SNMCMG 1) contributes to keeping sea trade safe and open.

Commodore Brian Santarpia   –  July 2015

From the Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 headquarters in Bahrain, Commodore Brian Santarpia commanded the ships and aircraft of 30 nations in the multinational counter-terrorism task force.

Rear-Admiral John Newton   –  March 2015

The Commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) and Joint Force Command Atlantic talks to FrontLine about his priorities.

VAdm Mark Norman   –  January 2015

Getting many new ship builds underway through cooperation with key government departments, ­managing operations with reduced fleets, finding innovative ways to train enough new recruits, and the daunting task of overhauling navy culture, are all key priorities on the Admiral’s plate.

Frank Brunetta   –  July 2014

The Ombudsman, Frank Brunetta, and his Deputy, Lorezo Ieraci, make sure the OPO staff is ready to spring into action when a potential defence supplier calls for assistance in the complex matters related to defence procurement.

Guy Parent - Veterans Ombudsman   –  July 2014

The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman continues its efforts to resolve issues between veterans and VAC, protecting the interests of approximately 800,000 Canadian veterans and retired RCMP officers.