Interview: RAdm Henrik Kudsk   –  January 2012

Canada and Denmark share the challenges of an Arctic AOR. FrontLine talks with RAdm Henrik Kudsk.

VAdm Paul Maddison   –  November 2011

The new Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy talks candidly about maritime and national security, ­discusses the challenges involved in preparing our sumbarines for operational readiness, increasing recruitment and securing the ocean commons for all peaceful nations.

Julian Fantino   –  September 2011

Former Police Commissioner has a steep learning curve ahead if he is to make any difference to Defence Procurement.

Major R.D. Morrin   –  July 2011

Peter Pigott interviews Major R.D. Morrin about the only designated air asset in the North – hardy Twin Otter pilots are uniquely motivated to fly.

Rear-Admiral Juan Guillermo Fierro Rocha   –  May 2011

Mexican Navy deals with increasingly threats by transnational organized crime and subversive elements.

LGen Walter Semianiw   –  March 2011

Protecting Canadians at home is ‘Job One’ for Canada Command. This organization is concerned with all aspects of national security – often working under the lead of Public Safety Canada to provide an important asset for emergency management.

RAdm David Gardam   –  January 2011

Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic speaks with Tim Dunne about how the NSPS will help Canada revive its formerly powerful shipbuilding industry. Admiral Gardam also talks about how the Navy can help monitor and guard against numerous threats initiated from the maritime domain.

Major General Mohammad Dawran   –  May 2010

Religious instruction in the Army and Air Corps is to educate the new recruits in the realities of Islam.

Commodore Hans Jung   –  September 2009

The stigma of mental health illnesses is a challenging barrier to health care. The key to effective treatment is that people come forward to discuss their concerns.

LGen Andrew Leslie   –  May 2009

The Chief of the Land Staff, discusses army training and the challenges he faces in preparing (and protecting) Canada’s soldiers for the many dangerous tasks that are asked of them.

January 2009

An interview with Tony Ogilivy, vice ­president for SaabGripen International.

General Egon Ramms   –  May 2008

General Egon Ramms, German Army Commander of Allied Joint Force ­Command Brunssum.