May 2005

The latest model is the C-130J, and it represents a nearly complete reinvention of the Hercules.

BGen Dwayne Lucas   –  May 2005

The revolutionary new way of contracting for the Air Force, Optimized Weapons System Support Management, puts more responsibility on industry, but they also gain in the global market by becoming “best of breed.”

LGen Steve Lucas   –  May 2005

Canada’s newest Chief of the Air Staff explains how the transformed Air Force will reposition itself to effectively respond to threats faced in today’s world.

Interview with Dan Ross, ADM(Mat)   –  March 2005

Addressing the newest challenges and priorities of information management, Dan Ross helps to maximize IM capabilities in a diverse job with a broad scope and critical customers.

Interview: LGen Rick Hillier   –  January 2005

Combining previous experience in volatile countries with his service in Afghanistan as Commander of the multinational International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in 2004, LGen Rick Hillier is well positioned to transfer lessons learned fighting rebel forces to the new Army transformation and regeneration process.

Stan Jacobson   –  September 2004

Canada's defence industry is struggling to find ways to mitigate some aspects of the ITAR policy and the way it is administered. The CDIA has some recommendations which may help.

MGen Andrew Leslie   –  July 2004

Returning from his Kabul posting as Deputy Commander of ISAF, MGen Leslie remains convinced of the need for more soldiers and modernized equipment. In an exclusive FrontLine interview, he offers his insight of time spent in Kabul, and makes a surprising suggestion for increased efficiency. 

Interview: General Ray Henault   –  March 2004

The Canadian Forces responds to the changing security environment.

Admiral Ishikawa, Chairman of the Joint Staff Councils   –  January 2004

Before his recent retirement as Canada’s Defence Attaché in Japan, Capt(N) B.R. Brown interviewed the Chairman of Japan’s Joint Staff Council, Admiral Ishikawa, about his plan of action.