24 February 2023   (BBC)
Banks and defence suppliers are among more than 100 entities within Russia and abroad targetted in new U.S. sanctions today, the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The U.S. also announced $2 billion in new aid for Ukraine as well as $550 million to help Ukraine and neighbouring Moldova to strengthen their energy infrastructure.
24 February 2023   (AP)
China today proposed a 12-point peace plan For Ukraine and Russia built around a cease-fire and an end to western sanctions. While Beijing claims neutrality, it has “no limits” on its relations with Moscow and continues to accuse the West of provoking the year-long conflict. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that as a first step, China’s proposal is “not bad” while the U.S. is reserving judgment.
24 February 2023   (Al Jazeera)
The UN General Assembly approved a resolution February 23 calling on Russia to withdraw its troops as a prelude to a “comprehensive, just and lasting peace” in Ukraine. Canada was among the 141 members which voted in favour of the motion while Russia was joined by Belarus, Eritrea, Mali, Nicaragua, North Korea and Syria in voting against it and China, India, Iran, South Africa and 28 others abstained. A vote last October yielded similar results
24 February 2023   (CTV)
The federal government today confirmed more than $32 million to bolster “security and stabilization” in Ukraine, including some $9.7 million previously announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The total includes $7.5 million for de-mining, $12 million to “counter chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats” and some $13 million for “accountability efforts” including addressing conflict-related sexual violence.
24 February 2023   (Reuters)
A long-awaited overhaul of U.S. arms export policy with increased emphasis on human rights was unveiled February 23 by President Joe Biden. It ostensibly moves his administration away from his predecessor’s focus on the commercial aspects of overseas sales.
24 February 2023   (BBC)
Three years ago, as he asked Russians to support constitutional change which would extend his time in office, President Vladimir Putin was portrayed on state television as a “sea captain steering the Good Ship Russia through stormy waters of global unrest.” A year into Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, could it be that the “Kremlin captain” now is headed straight toward a metaphorical iceberg?
24 February 2023   (CNN)
U.S. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro says China’s growing projection of its global presence is facilitated by having not only some 340 naval vessels compared with under 300 in the USN but also more shipbuilding capacity. He said consistent Chinese “attempts to violate the maritime sovereignty and economic well-being of other nations” means the U.S. must expand its own fleet.
24 February 2023   (CBC)
Ottawa resident Awso Peshdary, who pleaded guilty February 23 to terrorism by facilitating Islamic State recruitment efforts, was sentenced to 14 years less time served, which means he will be released on probation in late 2024. The Crown and Peshdary’s lawyer had agreed to what Ontario Superior Court Justice Julianne Parfett called a “fit” penalty even though his activities were “horrific.” Peshdary actually thanked the RCMP for arresting him.
24 February 2023   (Defense News)
General Dynamics Land Systems M1 Abrams tanks promised to the Ukraine by President Joe Biden last month are likely not to arrive until at least mid-2024. “None of the options that we’re exploring are weeks or two months,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth disclosed February 23. “I think there are options that are less than two years, less than a year-and-a-half.”
24 February 2023   (Defense News)
Boeing plans to end F/A-18E-F Super Hornet production in 2025 unless India selects the fighter, in which case production would continue for two more years. The company says the “pivot” will enable it to focus on other projects such as three new St. Louis facilities for production of advanced crewed and uncrewed platforms.
22 February 2023   (CNN)
The pilot of a U-2 surveillance aircraft flew above a Chinese balloon in the stratosphere over the continental U.S. before it was eventually shot down by an F-22 Raptor off the Carolinas earlier this month. The image released by the Defense Department shows the U-2’s shadow on the 200-foot balloon and a clear view of its solar array which evidently powered what the U.S. says was a one-ton “signals intelligence collection operations” payload.
22 February 2023   (CP/CNN)
Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said today that NORAD will takes a strong stance to protect Arctic sovereignty as more reports of foreign interference emerge. “We will challenge China when we ought to, and we will cooperate with China when we need to,” she said. “When it comes to issues over the Arctic within our maritime borders, or any form of foreign interference, we will be clear.