Will political interference lead to more resignations?

 –  Feb 27, 2019


During more than 3 hours of grilling from all political parties today, former Attorney General Wilson-Raybould answered calmly and with measured conviction that attests to why she was trusted with that portfolio and position in the first place. She detailed some of the "consistent and sustained" pressure, and "veiled threats" that were intended to convince her to interfere with the prosecutorial process related to SNC-Lavalin's pending court case.


Elsewhere on Parliament Hill, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer jumped to a microphone as Ms Wilson-Raybould left a media scrum following her testimony. Commenting that "there are more details to come out, for sure," he called on the RCMP to open an investigation, and said "We're starting tonight with calling for Justin Trudeau to do the right thing. […] It's clear that this scandal goes deep into this Liberal party […] there were, clearly, many people involved at the highest levels of this Government."

With regard to the efforts by the Prime Minister and other high-ranking officials, as described by Ms Wilson-Raybould, to convince her to interfere with the prosecutorial process, Sheers said: "What we're talking about here, is the independence of our rule of law, and maintaining that separation between powerful politicians and interfering in court proceedings. None of us, in any province in this country, want to live in a country where elected officials or powerful politicians can change court outcomes based on political considerations. That is something that we all have a responsibility to guard very forcefully against."

Shortly after Scheer's comments aired live, CTV's Power Play host, Don Martin, told viewers that "sources" at the Prime Minister's Office had contacted them to confirm the Prime Minister would not be resigning.

Responding on camera elsewhere, the Prime Minister acknowledges "there will be a clear choice to be made."