Duty to Protect is being neglected

LOUIS CUPPENS  –  Oct 19, 2018

With unprecedented speed, the Trudeau government has enabled legislation to allow abortions on demand and euthanasia, and the sale of recreational cannabis.  Surely these are not the major issues that confront Canadians.  What about solving the problems of the indigenous peoples?  What about solving linguistic duality?  What about solving rampant illegal immigration? I consider that our government has other major issues that seem to have eluded them.  The security of Canada is paramount—the duty to protect.  What has this government done?  Another study, that's what has been done. 

We now have a replacement for the Canada First Defence Strategy known as “Strong, Safe and Secure”.  This two-year-long study has delivered nothing but paper.  Spending is forecasted to occur in the “out years” including replacement of our frigates and underway replenishment vessels for our navy; trucks, guns and armoured vehicles for our army; and fighter aircraft for our air force. We continue to be “defence freeloaders” in the meantime – relying upon our vexed U.S. neighbours.

We do not have the capability to enforce sovereignty over our vast north, nor can we influence the governance of the United Nations.  Holding a press conference to announce that “Canada is back” (which resulted in the delivery of seven helicopters to Mali) does not improve our international standing in any way.

Our National Police Force is under-resourced.  A number of these dedicated men and women are ill with PTSD and many are seeking other employment because of overwork and the inability of leaders to facilitate “decompression”.  Our veterans were promised “Pensions for Life” yet this may occur in 2019 with what appears to be a redistribution of VAC monies.  Our veterans now must wait more than 25 weeks to obtain disability assistance. VAC is also under-resourced.

This writer finds the priorities of our government have been aimed at the wrong areas.  Killing the unborn, the aged and sick, and enabling easy access to cannabis are not the major issues of Canadians.  What about National Security, what about caring for our veterans?

LWF Cuppens
Lieutenant-General (retired)