Defence Policy Review Essays

CGAI  –  Oct 17, 2016

This collection of 14 focused essays by key experts offers informed advice and suggestions to the government on issues that are the most germane to Canada's defence policy.

by DAVID BERCUSON, Director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary.

Defence Policy Review Considerations: Canada's Army
by LGen (ret) STUART BEARE, former Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command

Future Roles for the RCN
by SERGE BERTRAND, former advisor to RCN Commanders

The RCAF and the Role of Airpower: Considering Canada's Future Contributions
by Col (ret) ALAN STEPHENSON, former Special Assistant to the VCDS and to the Deputy CDS

Canada’s Special Forces
by LGen (ret) D. MICHAEL DAY, former Commander of JTF2 and CANSOFCOM

Reserve Options
by Col (ret) GEORGE PETROLEKAS, former strategic advisor to the CDS

Fixing Procurement

Canada and Cyber
by MGen (ret) JOHN ADAMS, former Chief of the CSE

Making Canada’s Role in NATO More Effective
by JULIAN LINDLEY-FRENCH, vice-president of the Atlantic Treaty Association

Canada’s Space Policy and its Future with NORAD
by ANDREW GODEFROY,  historian and strategic analyst with the Canadian Army

Realistic Peacekeeping Options for Canada
by SARAH JANE MEHARG, president of Peace & Conflict Planners Canada

Real and False Tradeoffs in the Defence Review: Size Versus Readiness, Not Hard Versus Soft
by STEPHEN SAIDEMAN, Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Canada’s Security Role in Asia-Pacific
by MARIUS GRINIUS, former Director General International Security Policy

Collaboration Amidst Complexity: Enhancing Jointness in Canada's Defence Instrument
by MGen (ret) DOUG DEMPSTER, former Deputy Commander of Canadian Army, former NATO Assistant Secretary General for Executive Management.