6 November 2018  –  ANGUS REID POLL

Nine-in-ten Cdns say ‘no’ to future arms deals with Saudi Arabia but are divided over cancelling the current one.

4 November 2018  –  LOUIS CUPPENS

At ceremonies across the country, we shall soon hear the words from John McCrea’s “In Flanders Fields”. One line has particular meaning for me, and I fear our politicians have broken faith with those who died for freedom.

19 October 2018  –  LOUIS CUPPENS

Our government has managed to avoid major issues of security. The duty to protect should be of paramount concern, but seems to be getting scant attention.

8 August 2018  –  CHRIS MacLEAN

It’s summer, and apparently time to consider uniform changes, again.

31 July 2018  –  DAVID BERCUSON

Russia is busy showing off its increasingly powerful Navy but, according to David Bercuson, it is more to create a diversion and to gain diplomatic influence.

15 June 2018  –  ANGUS REID POLL

A recent poll shows 70% of Canadians prefer taking a “hard” approach in trade negotiations with the Trump administration.

11 June 2018  –  LOUIS CUPPENS

Canada's military volunteers deserve recognition for their selfless acts of sacrifice for the good of all Canadians. Nothing less is acceptable. Shame on us for not doing so in a timely manner.

7 June 2018

Google’s decision to withdraw from a US military initiative called Project Maven (for classifying military drone images) came after some 4,000 employees petitioned to ban Google from building “warfare technology”.

16 May 2018  –  KEN POLE

While the Government Accountability Office notes that the DOD faces “new challenges as adversaries try to steal national security information and technology at unprecedented rate, ” the White House eliminated its Senior Cyber Policy Office.

1 May 2018  –  BRETT BOUDREAU

Operation Medusa a new book by retired Major-General David Fraser and Brian Hanington explores otherwise well-trod ground with a first-hand account that sets out a panoply of new insights. The authors recount the many challenges of command in modern-day conflict. As reviewer Brett Boudreau notes, the unique perspective of the operational commander is compelling and adds much to our understanding.

29 April 2018  –  CHRIS KILFORD

The Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) is only as good as the troops and support it gets from contributing countries. Given the recent concern over Canada’s upcoming contribution to the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), one might easily assume that up until now few Canadians had ever set foot in Mali. However, this is far from the case. 

25 April 2018  –  BRETT BOUDREAU

Canada does not deserve, should not expect, and should not want to join the list of NATO Secretary-Generals anytime soon. The four main reasons can be summed up in four Cs (capability, contributions, candidates, and continent).