24 November 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

Let’s face it, there is a difference in the way women generally tackle social issues, says David Bercuson. Will an increased female presence on peace operations have the desired effect?

19 November 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

David Bercuson looks at the reasons why Canada appears no closer to a peacekeeping mission today than on the day the Liberals were elected.

18 November 2017

We now have, in America, a new standard, being driven by the media, that if you're not absolutely pure, you're not eligible to run for office in America, and that's wrong.

31 October 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

Although supported by a large number of Canadians, the Liberal government’s pursuit of a free trade agreement with China ignores real security and defence vulnerabilities posed by such a relationship.

17 October 2017  –  DANNY LAM

Canadians were promised “open and transparent government” by the Liberal regime. This promise apparently does not apply to major defence programs that will burden the Canadian taxpayer for generations with hundreds of billions of spending.

16 October 2017  –  KEN POLE

Having supported the Kurdish military in a non-combat role for years, Minister Sajjan comments on Canada's assessment of the current situation in Iraq.

15 October 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

All governments subsidize airplane manufacturers, but political entanglements are jeopardizing the “fairness” of a major competition, writes David Bercuson.

6 October 2017  –  DANNY LAM

In the almost 13 years since Canada decided against joining the U.S. in Ballistic Missile Defense, every major consideration that went into that decision has changed. It is time to pivot towards deterring regimes like North Korea.

5 October 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

The biggest obstacle to passage of Canadian Arctic waters is the lack of both navigation facilities and rescue services, and this requires heavy icebreakers, notes David Bercuson.

2 October 2017  –  ELINOR SLOAN

Elinor Sloan notes that despite its detailed costing and encouraging commitments to a wide range of investments, the failure to sufficiently address weaknesses in the military procurement system marks a significant shortcoming of the 

19 September 2017  –  KEN POLE

A trade dispute has upended Canada's defence plan, announced this Spring, to fill a "capability gap" in the RCAF fleet with Boeing Super Hornets before the production line for this platform winds down. 

18 September 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

The effort to replace Canada’s fighter jets is reaching new depths of hilarity, writes David Bercuson.