14 August 2017  –  BLAIR GILMORE

The CAF really shines when it comes to niche military areas of expertise – we know how to specialize and become world experts. Peacekeeping of today is different, and leveraging the capabilities provided by civilian organizations that can blend advanced education, military experience and real-world approaches to address these complex realities is the next crucial step in becoming a global leader.

11 August 2017  –  JAMES PARKER

Central BC's declared state of emergency has been extended until at least August 18. Firefighters require a huge support system behind them. Here's an insider’s view from behind the scene.

8 August 2017

North Korea’s recent ICBM launch is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by the rogue regime in Pyongyang. Instead of choosing between attacking North Korea or allowing it to have nuclear weapons, a clear and consistent approach to deter threats from Kim Jong-Un is needed.

2 August 2017  –  ARMY PUBLIC AFFAIRS

Two exceptional special guest speakers have been confirmed for the Canada Army Run Pasta Dinner on September 16.

1 August 2017  –  SCOTT NEWARK

It’s been just over a month since Canadians learned that their federal government had decided to issue an apology to Omar Khadr and to provide him with $10.5M in ‘compensation’. Let's review the facts.

25 July 2017  –  JAYA PRAKASH

Ground readings suggest the Philippines is precariously close to becoming a failed state – a situation the world should not ignore.

24 July 2017  –  BLAIR GILMORE

Keeping with the tradition of Canadian ingenuity, RCN planners came up with an innovative solution to building a positive presence in the region of West Africa.

24 July 2017  –  DANNY LAM

The U.S. Navy has decided it needs 20 new missile-guided ships, with first delivery in 2024. Canada has been toying with the idea of a new Surface Combatant for years now, with very little progress (hoped for delivery starting 2026). Will the IP requirements of one project impact the other?

14 July 2017  –  BRETT BOUDREAU

Rather than encourage accountability, accumulated flaws of the antiquated Access to Information Act (ATI Act) serve to shield against transparency within the bureaucracy of government.

11 July 2017  –  CHRIS MacLEAN

A new Angus Reid poll shows that 71% of Canadians feel Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the wrong choice in awarding an out of court settlement of $10.5 million to Omar Khadr. The question is: who is the PM representing?

10 July 2017  –  TIM DUNNE

Does poor judgement require strong punishment or does it create a teaching opportunity that offers life-long benefit?

7 July 2017  –  COLIN ROBERTSON

Vice-President and Fellow Colin Robertson provides the historical and political background to the G20, and explains why this meeting is so important to world affairs and our own economy.