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MARKO BABIC Strategic Analysis and Planning

Marko Babic, a former Strategic Analyst with NATO HQ, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation is an independent analyst conducting foresight analysis for NATO. An Army Reservist, he has served as an Infanteer and Canadian Ranger. Mr. Babic graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and continues to be an aspiring student of military and strategic studies in Calgary, Alberta.

CLAUDE BACHAND Defence Critic, the Bloc Québécois

Claude Bachand has been a Bloc Québécois Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Saint-Jean (Québec) since 1993. He has served Canadians as critic for Indian Affairs and Northern Development for three years, and more recently has also served as critic for Defence and also for Veterans Affairs. He is also active with the Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs.

BRUCE BAILEY Commercial Aviation

Bruce's aerospace career began with Telesat Canada, Canadian Marconi Company, then BAE Systems Canada, and on to CMC Electronics Inc. He started at CMC as a Project Engineer from 1983-90; Product Manager, Antenna Systems, from 1990-1998; then Director, Avionics Antenna Systems, from 1998-2000. He was appointed Vice President, Aviation Electronics, CMC Electronics in April 2000 and Vice President, Commercial Aviation in July 2002.

Col (ret) TONY BATTISTA Military and Policing

Tony Battista served 40 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, retiring at the rank of Colonel in 2014. He served in a variety of staff, command and operational tours at home and abroad, including personal assistant to the Chief of the Defence Staff, professor at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, senior Military Police Officer at National Defence Headquarters, Air Force Provost Marshal, a year in Afghanistan, and 11 years overseas. After retiring from the CAF, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Conference of Defence Associations and the CDA Institute for 4 years and, most recently, was an executive with IBM Canada-Federal Government. Tony is a life member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

JEAN BEAUDIN Defence Research

Jean Beaudin currently serves as a manager of communications and information management for Defence R&D Canada. His 20-year-long public affairs career contains a relatively even mix of managing domestic and international communications, writing speeches for ministers and senior officials, and serving in every other capacity as a communications strategist and advisor.

Dr. DAVID BERCUSON Canadian Defence Policy

A prolific writer and editor of popular and academic works, Dr. Bercuson also does regular television and radio commentary. In 2004, he received the Vimy Award which recognizes Canadians who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to defence and security and the preservation of democratic values. He is a Research Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and Director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at UCalgary.

BRIAN BERUBE Defence Strategic Communications

Brian Berube has served as a strategic communications advisor to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Directorate of CBRN Defence, the CAF’s Canada Command, DND Public Affairs, the Government of Canada's Sustainment Initiative for military equipment and fleets, and the Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force of the Canadian International Development Agency. He was advising at Global Affairs Canada at the time of his health-related retirement in 2019.

JEAN JACQUES BLAIS Former Cabinet Minister

The Honourable Jean Jacques Blais, P.C., Q.C., served as Minister of National Defence (1983-84). He is Chairman Emeritus of the Pearson Peacekeeping Center and Chairman of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies. In 2003, he spent nine months in Afghanistan and Iraq on Elections related missions, and has recently returned from Sri Lanka where he chaired a Parliamentary study group on conflict-affected societies.

CHRISTOPHER BOBYN International Photojournalist

Christopher Bobyn is a Canadian photojournalist. His work has included extensive coverage of the former-Yugoslavia, the Syrian civil war and the Egyptian revolution. his work on the aftermath of conflict in Kosovo was accompanied by a documentary film on the same subject, which he also directed. He has produced photographic and film work for the EU, NGO’s, and various outlets including National Geographic, Deutsche Welle, The Guardian, and MSNBC.


BLG is a national legal firm that recognizes the importance of timely, innovative and relevant legal advice. Drawing on the strengths of knowledgeable and skilled individuals who represent a variety of viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds, underscores BLG's core value of maintaining a diverse team (currently more than 725 lawyers, intellectual property agents and other professionals) to provide a broad range of legal solutions.

Dr. BERNARD BOT Diplomatic Service

Born in Indonesia in 1937, Dr. Bernard Bot studied at Leiden and Harvard Universities, entering the Dutch diplomatic service in 1963. He served in a.o. Buenos Aires, East Berlin and as Ambassador in Ankara, deputy-permanent representative to NATO and, from 1992 until 2002, as permanent representative to the European Union. Dr. Bot was the Dutch Minister of Foreign affairs between 2003 and 2007. Part of this article is an adaptation of his Beyen lecture, delivered in Utrecht on 6 March 2004.

BRETT BOUDREAU Military Communications

Brett Boudreau served with the Canadian military for 28 years, mainly in the field of public affairs, retiring as a Colonel and the senior military PAO in the CAF. After retiring in 2009, he has been providing strategic communications consulting to Government, the private sector and NATO. He is currently based in London, UK.

CHRIS BOUQUET U.S. Government Contracts

Chris Bouquet is a senior lawyer in the firm’s U.S. government contracts law practice in Washington, D.C., and a frequent speaker and writer on U.S. government contracts topics.

Dr. JAMES BOUTILIER Asia-Pacific Policy

Dr. James Boutilier has held posts at various universities throughout his career. He is the Asia-Pacific Policy Advisor at Canada’s Maritime Forces Pacific HQ in Esquimalt, British Columbia. His field of expertise is Asia-Pacific defence and security, and has written extensively on maritime and security concerns. He lectures nationally and internationally on political, economic, and security developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

ALAIN BOVIS Naval Shipbuilding & Systems Integration

Alain Bovis retired at the rank of Rear-Admiral after 27 years as a Naval Constructor within the French Ministry of Defense. In industry, he has been successively head of the DCNS propulsion systems branch, Managing Director of Armaris, a joint venture between DCNS and THALES; He is also a Professor of Naval Architecture in several academic institutions.

JUDY BRADT Government Contracts

Judy Bradt is Principal and CEO of Summit Insight, and is dedicated to maximizing Canadian companies' effectiveness and win rate when they seek US government business – especially in the defence and security niche. She writes and consults for Canadian firms and the trade facilitators who serve them, and is a renowned speaker at conferences across North America on secrets to US government contract success.

RICHARD BRAY Writer/Reporter

Richard Bray began his media career in 1972 in West Germany as an announcer with the Canadian Forces Network, a radio service for Canadian military personnel serving with NATO. Before 1984 when he began a freelance career, Mr. Bray worked with the national radio and television networks of the CBC in Toronto as a producer, reporter and senior news editor.

ALAN BREAKSPEAR Writer/Intelligence

Alan Breakspear began his consulting practice in 1994 after a distinguished career in Canada’s federal Public Service (CSE, PCO, TBS Program Branch, CSIS and the Solicitor General Secretariat). He is now President and CEO of Ibis Research, and a Director of BGB Advantage Corp. providing international clients with services in Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management.

Col (ret) ANGUS BROWN Military Historian

A former Armoured officer, Angus Brown works in Ottawa as a consultant and military historian, served as Vice-President of the Friends of the Canadian War Museum.

Capt(N) B.R. BROWN Navy

Captain(N) Brown retired from the Canadian Navy following 37 years of service in 2003. During his career he commanded the destroyer HMCS IROQUOIS and the Canadian Training Group Pacific. He also worked on the Joint Staff at NDHQ with responsibility for planning all CF deployed operations. During his final years in the Navy he served as Canada's Defence Attaché to Japan. He is currently serving as a Naval Reservist in the position of Special Adviser to the Director General Maritime Personnel and Readiness at NDHQ.

DAVE BROWN Columnist: Lest We Forget

During a 38-year career as a newspaper columnist Dave Brown wrote 10,000 daily columns, many of which recounted individual war memories and local police stories. He retired from the Ottawa Citizen in 2003 but continued to write a weekly column for many years. Much of his work has focused on veterans issues and military history. Dave's compilation book, Best of Brown - Window on Ottawa, was published in 2003.

CASEY BRUNELLE Security Intelligence

Casey Brunelle is a security and intelligence consultant with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, specializing in counterterrorism, public safety, and geopolitics. He is a strategic advisor to the International Airport Watch Association, a not-for-profit community policing and crime prevention program enhancing aviation security around airports.

JACQUES BRUNELLE Aviation & Policing

A 16-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Jacques Brunelle was an investigator with their National Security Investigation Section in Ottawa. He has authored a book on the RCMP, and written numerous articles for Blue Line, Pony Express and Information magazines dealing with police matters and police aviation in particular.

VAdm (ret) RON BUCK Marine & Naval Analysis

Ron Buck joined the Navy in 1967, graduated from McGill University in 1971 and served his formative years on various Canadian ships. After being posted to National Defence HQ, he was selected as the Project Manager for the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel Project (1989) which delivered 12 ships to the Navy. He was appointed as Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and served as VCDS from 2004 to 2006. He retired in 2006 after almost 40 years of service in the Canadian Forces – but quickly failed retirement.

Dr. ROBERT J. BUNKER War Studies

Dr. Robert J. Bunker is adjunct faculty, School of Politics and Economics, Claremont Graduate University and an Adjunct Research Professor, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College. The views expressed in his article are his own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.