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VAdm (ret) PETER CAIRNS Naval and Maritime

Over his 37 years of service in Canada's Navy, Vice-Admiral Peter Cairns' sea commands included a submarine, two frigates, a submarine squadron and a frigate squadron. He also completed two tours in the Royal Navy, the United States Navy and on NATO's maritime staff. After serving as the Commander of the Canadian Navy, he retired in 1994 and became President of the Shipbuilding Association of Canada.

JOANNA CALDER Military Communications

Joanna Calder was a communications advisor to the Chief of the Air Staff at NDHQ in Ottawa. She served in the primary reserve for 25 years, retiring at the rank of Major in 2001. Much of her time in uniform was spent as a public affairs officer on full-time service. Her military and civilian appointments have included support to the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, Chief Military Personnel and ADM (Public Affairs).

LGen (ret) LLOYD CAMPBELL National Security & Airpower Advocacy

A former fighter pilot, Lloyd Campbell concluded his military career in 2003 as Commander of Air Command and Chief of the Air Staff. Previously, he commanded 1 Canadian Air Division and the Canadian NORAD Region as well as Canadian Forces Base Baden-Söllingen and 4 (Fighter) Wing in Germany. Over the course of his 37 years in the military, he held numerous staff appointments in Canada and Europe.


The CGAI is one of Canada’s most credible sources of expertise on global affairs. Its work is designed to help Canadians better understand their role on the world stage. Established in 2000 and based in Calgary and Ottawa, the Canadian Global Affairs Institute is a registered charity.


Following his tour as Executive Secretary to the Chief of Maritime Staff, Commander Hugues Canuel was most recently appointed as Executive Officer in HMCS PRESERVER. He previously served in ships of the Pacific and the Atlantic Fleets, completing a tour with NATO’s Standing Naval Force and deploying twice to Southwest Asia. He has a Masters degree in Defence Studies from the Canadian Forces College.


James Careless is an experienced freelance journalist whose credits include NBC-TV, CBC TV, CBC Radio, NPR, Radio Canadian International and Radio Earth International. Careless writes extensively on defense issues. He is based in Ottawa.

DAVID CARR Communications Advisor

David Carr is a communications advisor, freelance writer, and book author. He specializes in aerospace and air transport, and has spoken at length on these topics in the media and at conferences. A past editor of Wings magazine, he continues to write a column and features. Carr has also contributed to leading publications in Canada and the UK including, Jane's Airport Review and Airfinance Journal. He is a former political assistant and speechwriter.


Jim served as a general list officer and was the prototype for the Combat Systems Engineer (CSE) military occupation. After leaving the Navy in 1982 Capt(N) Carruthers was CEO of Norpak Corporation until he retired in 2006. He is the originator of the SHINPADS concept of ship combat system integration and the author of numerous papers on combat system design, interactive television and data broadcast.

LEE CARSON President of NORSTRAT Consulting Inc.

Lee Carson has held a number of management and executive level positions in Canada’s space and defence industry, including 25 years at MDA and later with COM DEV Canada. He is very familiar with the federal government procurement system, with Major Crown projects, and with C4ISR systems. As the President of NORSTRAT Consulting, he helps clients build responsible elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy.


Richard has an engineering physics degree from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston Ontario. He has 31 years of experience in defence and security, and is president of Martello Defence Security Consultants. As a former military officer, he has worked as an aerospace engineer for the 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron that fielded the first CF-18s in eastern Canada. He worked for many years on Canada's Low Level Air Defence System.


At the time of writing, Gilles had been with the ADM(IE) organization for some 30 years and iwas responsible for the Zoning Program for military airfields, communication and ammunition storage facilities and wind turbine effects on military radars. He has authored “Toponymy and Canadian Arctic Sovereignty” (2012) and co-authored “Au nom du Nord: valorization officielle d’une toponymie autochtone”.


Jacqueline Chartier is a freelance writer and journalist. SHer academic credentials include a BA in English Literature from the University of Calgary and graduation from the Mount Royal College journalism school. She has always maintained a keen interest in Canadian military history and current affairs. Jacqueline’s feature articles and photojournalism have appeared in numerous publications.


Karen Christiuk was the communications advisor for 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region Headquarters in Winnipeg and assisted with the public affairs activities for the 50th anniversary of NORAD celebrations throughout 2008. Ms.Christiuk holds a BA and a B.Ed. from the University of Manitoba and a Creative Communications Diploma from Red River College.

PAUL CHURCH Technology, Electrical Interconnectors

Paul Church is the president and owner of the Cleeve group of companies. He immigrated to Canada from the UK in 1984 in support of the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program (CPF) and has spent many days (and nights) on board the ships working on the design and supply of electrical interconnect materials and systems such as cable and wiring assemblies. Paul started Cleeve in 1999 and has remained focused on the development and supply of Made in Canada product where ever possible. Five Eyes Connections was formed as a way to bring a group of Canadian companies together to offer tier one and tier two contractors on the CSC project multiple products and services under one banner.


Christyn Cianfarani became President of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) in September 2014. Previous to that, she was Director of Advanced Training Solutions and Gov’t Relations at CAE. She was an expert advisor on the 2013 Jenkins Report: “Canada First: Leveraging Defence Procure­ment Through Key Industrial Capabilities”. In February 2014, she joined the Interim Board of Directors of the Defence Analytics Institute.

GARRY W.G. CLEMENT Financial Crime Prevention

Garry Clement's 34 years of investigative experience includes National Director for the RCMP’s Proceeds of Crime Program, and working undercover while investigating organized crime. Since retiring from the RCMP in 2003, at the rank of Superintendent, he has become a globally-recognized Financial Crime Prevention expert and advocate. Garry joined the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists team in 2016 as the Executive Vice President and helped lead strategic changes until April 2018.

RICHARD COHEN Security and Technology

Richard Cohen is president of RSC Strategic Connections. His special expertise in counter-terrorism and national security policy development has led to advisory roles related to public safety. He lectures widely, and has published numerous articles on national and international security issues. Over the years, he has advised many of the new European democracies on the development of national security and defence strategies.

TREVOR COLE Writer & Journalist

Trevor Cole is a multiple-award winning magazine journalist whose work recently appeared in a 25-year retrospective of the best in Canadian magazine writing. After an acclaimed stint as a senior writer at the Globe and Mail's Report on Business Magazine, he became a regular contributor to Toronto Life and until recently wrote a fortnightly satirical column for Canadian Business magazine.


During his 30 plus years in the CF, Major Collacutt, an Aerospace Control Officer, has participated in numerous military events around the globe. Maj Collacutt deployed in Germany for a second tour where he played a significant role in the operational development of the NATO Mid-Term AWACS aircraft. Major Collacutt was a CF exchange officer employed at the Alaskan NORAD Region 176 Air Control Sqn as a NORAD Mission Crew Commander.

DIANNE COLLIER Family Resources

Dianne Collier, a military wife and founding member of CFB Petawawa's Military Family Resource Centre's Board of Directors, supports military spouses through numerous initiatives and speaking engagements. An author and columnist, her first book, Hurry Up & Wait was a Canadian bestseller. Diane has received numerous awards for her contributions to the military community,


Michael Comeau retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after serving in the Royal Canadian Navy for 17 years. He has worked at monitoring compliance and promoting shore-based and shipboard pollution prevention initiatives for MARLANTs Hazardous Materials, Climate Change, Storage Tank, Contaminated Sites, Halocarbon, Solid Waste and Effluent Quality management programs.


As the president and CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), Bernard Courtois is an outspoken advocate for the deployment of information and communications technology tools to improve business productivity and to achieve our societal and public policy goals. A lawyer with over 30 years experience in the telecommunications sector, Mr. Courtois also served executive roles at Bell Canada.


A retired U.S. Air Force officer, Ron Covais held command positions in nuclear military operations and served as Political-Military Advisor to the the Secretary of Defense. A former President at Lockheed Martin Corporation, Mr Covais is a member of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America, the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, and the Canadian American Business Council.

BGen (ret) JAMES COX National Security & Intelligence

After a 35 year military career that culminated in leading a NATO strategic military intelligence staff in Mons, Belgium from 1998-2001, Brigadier General (ret) Jim Cox pursued advanced national security and defence intelligence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. Prior to becoming associated with FrontLine magazines, he was the Executive Secretary of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS).

Dr DUANE CRONIN Biomechanics, R&D

As an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo, Ontario (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Duane Cronin specialized in Impact Biomechanics development of Personal Protective Equipment. Dr Cronin was part of the NATO Task Group TG-024: Test Methodologies for Personal Protective Equipment Against Anti-Personnel Mine Blast.

BRIAN LEE CROWLEY Political & Economic Commentator

Brian Lee Crowley founded the Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI), a Canadian public policy think tank focused on key national issues including defence, national security, foreign affairs, and the rule of law. He is a frequent commentator on political and economic issues across all media and has been a columnist for numerous newspapers across Canada.  He holds degrees from McGill and the London School of Economics, including a doctorate in political economy from the latter. 

LGen (ret) LOUIS CUPPENS RCAF and Military Affairs

Louis Cuppens retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force at the rank of Lieutenant-General. He served as deputy commander of NORAD (1995 to 1998).