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RON KANE Aerospace Affairs

Vice President of AIAC (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada), Ron is responsible for advancing initiatives directed at enhancing the global competitiveness of Canada’s aerospace industry. Previously, he was Director, Aerospace, Electronics and Defence at the federal department of Industry with a mandate to facilitate the growth and international competitiveness of the Canadian aerospace and defence industry through activities focussed on promoting technology development and innovation, investment attraction, and trade promotion. Ron has held a number of other executive-level positions in Canadian federal government departments over the years.


Lieutenant-Commander George Kearney, is a MARS officer who has served as a member of the staff of the Directorate of Maritime Strategy since 1999. He served as J5 Maritime on the staff of the Commander Canadian Joint Task Force SouthWest Asia from Oct 2003 – April 2004. Prior to joining D Mar Strat he completed an MA in War Studies at RMC (1999), served as the Underwater Warfare Officer on the staff of the Naval Operations School in Halifax, and in a variety of ships and shore establishments on the both the East and West Coasts.

ANDREW KENDRICK Ship Acquisition

Andrew Kendrick is Vice President, Operations for STX Canada Marine Inc’s Ottawa office. He is a professional ocean engineer and naval architect with over 35 years of experience, starting with the MoD in the UK. Since moving to Canada in 1981, he has worked on every major Canadian naval program, including CPF, TRUMP, MCDV, JSS, AOPS and CSC. Mr Kendrick has worked on numerous other ship designs for public and private sector clients in Canada and elsewhere. He has consulted on ship acquisition processes for the Canadian and US governments, and is known internationally for his work on ships and offshore structures in ice. He has delivered courses on polar ship design and operation in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Colin Kenny was summoned to the Senate in 1984 by the Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau, representing the Province of Ontario. During his Parliamentary career, Senator Kenny has served on a variety of committees of special relevance to defence and national security issues. They include the Special Committee on Terrorism and Security and the Special Joint Committee on Canadian Defence Policy. From 2001 to 2009, he chaired the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence. Senator Kenny has been published on a range of Canadian political issues including defence policy, ballistic missile defence, Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, defence procurement, strategic airlift, aviation security, port and border security.

FERRY DE KERCKHOVE International Affairs

A former diplomat, de Kerckhove began his auspicious career as an intern at the United Nations Development Programme and retired from the Foreign Service some 38 years later. He is a Senior Fellow at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, Member of the Board of Directors of the Conference of Defence Associations Institute, and Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

JULIAN KERR Defence Correspondent, Australia

Julian Kerr is the Australian Correspondent of Jane's Defence Weekly, Senior Correspondent of Australian Defence Magazine, and a contributor to The Australian newspaper. A former Editor of Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter, Kerr began his journalistic career in New Zealand and Australia, then spent 25 years with Reuters, first as a correspondent, then as a senior business executive, in Asia, Europe and Africa. This included seven years as Managing Director of Visnews (now Reuters Television), at that time the world's largest television news agency.

SUNDEEP KHAREY Unmanned systems software

Mr. Kharey is the Business Development Manager for unmanned systems software at CDL Systems. As a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Mr. Kharey has served as the Technical Interoperability chairman for the Unmanned Systems Canada Conference and has presented on behalf of a NATO Custodial Support Team. In 2007, he served on a Transport Canada working group developing regulations for operating unmanned aircraft in non-segregated airspace. He was also involved in the engineering of the mission-critical automated take-off and landing system for the U.S. Army’s Hunter unmanned aircraft.

JOSHUA KILBERG International Security Analyst

Joshua Kilberg is an International Security Analyst with the Atlantic Council of Canada. He holds a BSc and a BA from Queens University as well as an MA from the War Studies department at Kings College London. He specializes in international terrorism and the greater Middle East and has been published in, among others, International Affairs, The New York Times and the Straits Times (Singapore). Joshua is currently in Madrid working on the Club of Madrids International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security.

CHRIS KILFORD Defence Policy

Chris Kilford is a fellow at the Queen's Centre for International and Defence Policy.  An army officer, he retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2014 after serving as Canada's defence attache to Turkey for three years.  Chris also served as the deputy defence attache in Afghanistan from 2009-10 and previous to that was the liaison officer between DND and the Senate Standing Committee on National Defence.  He has an extensive background in Canadian foreign and defence policy making. 

WARREN KING Air Warfare Destroyer Program Mgr

Warren King joined Australia's Defence Materiel Organisation in 2004 as Program Manager of the Air Warfare Destroyer Program. Warren has a strong international defence business background with over 35 years experience including military and industrial employment in Australia, the US and the UK, and over 12 years with combat system projects. He has held a number of senior positions within the Australian operations of a major multinational defence company including Program Manager for the Replacement Combat System for the Collins Class submarines. His most recent position before joining the DMO was as the General Manager of Above Water Warfare for the company.

Maj JONATHAN KNAUL Aviation, Flight Safety

Major Jonathan Knaul began his CF career 27 yrs ago – primarily flying helicopters in support of the Army, both in Canada and overseas (Kosovo and Afghanistan). He attended RMC, obtained a PhD and, after several years service as a combat pilot, was trained at the Ministry of Defence test pilot school in Marseilles, France. He is currently an active experimental test pilot and Flight Test Safety Officer for the RCAF, in Cold Lake.


Jane Kokan is an award winning director, camerawoman, independent journalist and lecturer. Her work highlights the reality and dignity of Canada’s Arctic communities. She has produced, directed and filmed documentaries for a variety of broadcasters including: the BBC, Channel 4 (U.K.), PBS, CBC, Global TV, Al Jazeera, ZDF, ARD, SVT, NRK, France 2, NHK, Discovery International, National Geographic and others. Her articles and photographs have been published in: FrontLine Defence, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist, New Statesman, National Post, and The Globe and Mail. She has been seen eating raw meat, but only in Nunavut!

KEN KRUKEWICH Space & Satellites Advisor, Modeling & Simulation

Mr. Ken Krukewich was with the ADM(Mat) organization, responsible for developing and implementing the Joint Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition, Requirements, Training and Support (JSMARTS) iniatitive. In this capacity, he introduced a Modeling and Simulation course and departmental software tools and services to support three dimensional simulation to DND. In February 2007, he joined the Surveillance of Space project, as Engineering Manager, which will launch DND's first operational satellite. This project has also been featured in FrontLine Defence. He is currently FrontLine's Advisor and correspondent for Space and Satellites. Mr. Krukewich has over 27 years of experience with space programs, both with industry and the Canadian Space Agency. Sadly, Mr Ken Krukewich passed away on November 20, 2009. We will cherish his time with us. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family.


Sgt Kusche joined the Canadian Forces in 2002 and has have been posted to the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry for his entire career (first in Winnipeg and then moved to Shilo in 2004). He deployed to Bosnia on Op Palladium Roto 12 (2003) and has been deployed to Afghanistan three times (Task Force 3-06 with A-Coy in Kandahar; Task Force 1-08 with battalion HQ 9 TAC in Kandahar; and Op Attention Roto 3 in Kabul 2013). Sgt Kusche is currently a section commander in C-Coy 9 Platoon, he is looking forward to the 100th anniversary of the PPCLI (2014).