National Security

Clive Addy served for 35 years in the Canadian Forces. Among his many posts, he was Commander of the Cdn Brigade in Germany, Deputy Chief of Staff (Ops) at Central Army Group in Heidelberg, Chief of Staff of Mobile Command, and Commander of Land Forces, Western Canada. Retiring in 1996 at the rank of Major-General, he then helped draft an audit of Emergency Preparedness for British Columbia. Clive Addy is the founder and inspirational leader of the Ottawa-based National Security Group.

Articles by this writer

September 2009  |  Magazine

Our work is yet to be completed. We should clearly define the conditions of any disengagement we seek.

March 2008  |  Interviews, Magazine

An interview with Senator Joseph Day after his return from Afghanistan.

November 2005  |  Magazine

When an emergency arises, Canadians expect results. The present multi-level approach must include the highest level of collaboration at the most crucial time.