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A former Military Affairs Advisor with the NS Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, Tim is a retired Cdn military PA officer with 37 years of service. He served with NATO’s peace support missions in Bosnia Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Albania and Kosovo. Since retiring, he has written extensively for the Chronical Herald and FrontLine magazine.

Articles by this writer

November 2023  |  Opinion

In 2019, Bill C-77 received Royal Assent to remove detention from the list of punishments that can be awarded in the Canadian military, but the practice continues due in part to JAG delay, forcing the Canadian Forces Detention Barracks and Service Prison to continue to be staffed – at a cost to the Canadian taxpayer of $2.2 million each year. 

January 2019  |  Magazine

Numerous studies attest that widespread youth unemployment leads to disenfranchisement, discontent, disenchantment and disengagement – and then to increased crime and social unrest.

May 2018  |  Magazine

Proposed C-77 amendment to the National Defence Act aims to provide increased support and assistance for victims of crime committed within the Canadian military jurisdiction and eliminate summary trials.

April 2018  |  Opinion, Magazine

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization must replace its Secretary General, and it's time for Canada to be recognized for longtime commitment and many contributions.

February 2018  |  Opinion, News

Colonel Mark Poland has been appointed as a Special Prosecutor to conduct a post-charge review of charges against Chief Military Judge Colonel Mario Dutil under the National Defence Act to determine if this matter will proceed to trial by court martial.

February 2018  |  Magazine

Does the Canadian military’s disciplinary tribunal system conform to the spirit of 21st century Canadian expectations of justice and fair treatment?

November 2017  |  Magazine

Meet BGen Macaulay, the new Commander of reservist-based 5th Canadian Division, the “Army of the Atlantic”.

September 2017  | 

The Arctic draws global interest for several reasons. Operation Nanook is one of a series of northern deployments that provides the opportunity for the Canadian Armed Forces to be a catalyst to bring partnerships together for common cause and to provide help and assistance when and wherever necessary.

July 2017  |  Opinion

Does poor judgement require strong punishment or does it create a teaching opportunity that offers life-long benefit?

June 2017  |  Opinion

The tragic case of Corporal Lionel Desmond has created a call to action for a joint federal-provincial inquiry. Canada must work harder to make sure that our brave warriors don't fall through the cracks of multiple jurisdictional efforts.

May 2017  |  Magazine

The politico-military alliance, originally envisaged by the US, Britain and Canada in 1947, has grown into today’s soon-to-be 29-nation alliance, but Canada has never led the organization.

December 2016  |  Magazine

A new tactical requirement to patrol and protect maritime trade routes has created a resurgence of vessel boardings and searches.

December 2016  |  Magazine, Reviews

Unlike Sebastian Junger's previous books, which were focused on single events or subjects, Tribe: on Homecoming and Belonging is a rambling narrative about the contrasts between how individuals live in modern society and life in smaller and closer communities. Junger directs much of his attention on the plight of soldiers returning from combat where each is intrinsically linked to his / her buddy and often depends on the unity of a small group for feelings of safety, security and comradeship.

November 2016  |  Magazine, Reviews

Roméo Dallaire’s openness and candour about his experiences and reactions to the massacres in Rwanda make Waiting for First Light: My Ongoing Battle with PTSD a difficult book to read. Harder still are his humbling acknowledgement that the shadow of Rwanda was also cast over the members of his family. This book provides the unvarnished story of one man's journey. As one former soldier who served under his command commented: "Former soldiers, be forewarned, and for everyone else, believe what you read."

August 2016  |  Magazine

There is a reason the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine HMCS Windsor and her three sisters, VictoriaCorner Brook and Chicoutimi, carry the imposing moniker of hunter-killer submarines (SSK).

May 2016  |  Magazine

DND’s 2015 Report on Suicide Mortality in the CAF (1995-2014) shows that during the 20-year study period, 225 regular force males died by suicide. What is Health Services doing about that?

March 2016  |  Magazine

The Code of Service Discipline (part of the National Defence Act) touches every part of a military member’s life. Just how independent was the “independent review”?

December 2015  | 

The need to defend Canada always leads to a discussion of submarines. Now, climate change gives more credence to the need for nuclear-powered submarines.

July 2015  |  Magazine

Does the Canadian Armed Forces Need Military Police for investigations?

July 2015  |  Interviews, Magazine

From the Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 headquarters in Bahrain, Commodore Brian Santarpia commanded the ships and aircraft of 30 nations in the multinational counter-terrorism task force.

September 2014  |  Magazine

The National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy is aimed at to rejuvenating Canada's ­shipbuilding industry by reversing its headlong thrust into irrelevance.

May 2014  |  Magazine

The French frigate replacement program has strong similarities to key aspects of Canada's CSC program.

December 2013  |  Magazine

Canadians must confront increasing numbers of threats that await the unprepared, the careless, and the unaware.

September 2013  |  Magazine

With new ships on the horizon, Mari-Tech 2013 marine technical conference was the right place at the right time.

May 2013  |  Magazine

With French battleship Aquitaine on her shakedown cruise, the French Navy visits Halifax.

January 2013  |  Magazine, Magazine

Contrary to common belief, Canada punches above its weight in supporting NATO's efforts – it's time for Canada to shed its undeserved modesty.

September 2012  |  Magazine

The world’s oceans are anything but peaceful, in fact, the seas are more like “the wild west'' these days.

January 2012  |  Magazine, Magazine

Does Canada need a 5G aircraft? A look at the arguments.

November 2011  |  Magazine

HMCS Charlottetown quickly responded to Op Unified Protector.

November 2011  |  Magazine

Defence Minister Peter MacKay hosted international leaders for discussions on key matters of global security.

July 2011  |  Magazine

A single bullet has halted the advance of enemy troops, confused battle plans and injected an additional level of fear into an adversary’s troops.

January 2011  |  Magazine

Using technology to reduce both training costs and the impact on student's lives.

January 2011  |  Interviews, Magazine

Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic speaks with Tim Dunne about how the NSPS will help Canada revive its formerly powerful shipbuilding industry. Admiral Gardam also talks about how the Navy can help monitor and guard against numerous threats initiated from the maritime domain.

November 2009  |  Magazine

This most basic democratic right, surprisingly, is only partially available to members of the ­Canadian Forces whose service takes them away for several years.

July 2009  |  Magazine

The history of Afghanistan must be taken into account in any peace planning.

May 2009  |  Magazine

Since his recent return from Afghanistan as Commander, Brigadier-General Denis W. Thompson has been taking his message to Canadians during a cross-Canada speaking tour.

March 2009  |  Magazine

Noted specialists on Afghan affairs, Dr. David Kilcullen and J. Alexander Thier, tackle concerns about allied ­military operations in Afghanistan.