Defence Strategic Communications

Brian Berube has served as a strategic communications advisor to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Directorate of CBRN Defence, the CAF’s Canada Command, DND Public Affairs, the Government of Canada's Sustainment Initiative for military equipment and fleets, and the Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force of the Canadian International Development Agency. He was advising at Global Affairs Canada at the time of his health-related retirement in 2019.

Articles by this writer

April 2019  |  Featured Article, Magazine

The Government of Canada has been steadily implementing a new approach to the development and procurement of in-service support programs and contracts for military equipment and fleets. What does this mean for industry stakeholders?

April 2016  |  Opinion

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence has just published a major study of strategic communications during the Afghanistan campaign that has some important lessons for both military and private sector communicators and planners.

March 2016  |  Magazine

An assessment of Britain's National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 and how it impacts defence recapitalization.

March 2016  |  Magazine, Magazine

A look at key drivers to Australia's Security environment and the pace of military modernization.

December 2015  | 

Many years of research has led DND to a world-class system for decontaminating vehicles, military personnel and fighting equipment exposed to CBRN hazards or toxic materials.

March 2014  |  Magazine, Magazine

A group of projects that focus on all aspects of CBRN defence capability: detection, identification and monitoring, information management, physical protection and hazard management.