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Brett Boudreau served with the Canadian military for 28 years, mainly in the field of public affairs, retiring as a Colonel and the senior military PAO in the CAF. After retiring in 2009, he has been providing strategic communications consulting to Government, the private sector and NATO. He is currently based in London, UK.

Articles by this writer

March 2019  |  Featured Article

Building a presence in the Middle East “is a long-game play,” says CADSI President, Christyn Cianfarani. Canadian companies must be ready for a long investment cycle to gain long-term return.

February 2019  |  Interviews, Magazine

Canadian companies are set to vie for attention and contracts as one of the world’s largest military trade shows kicks off this weekend in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

May 2018  |  Opinion, News, Reviews

Operation Medusa a new book by retired Major-General David Fraser and Brian Hanington explores otherwise well-trod ground with a first-hand account that sets out a panoply of new insights. The authors recount the many challenges of command in modern-day conflict. As reviewer Brett Boudreau notes, the unique perspective of the operational commander is compelling and adds much to our understanding.

April 2018  |  Opinion, Magazine

Canada does not deserve, should not expect, and should not want to join the list of NATO Secretary-Generals anytime soon. The four main reasons can be summed up in four Cs (capability, contributions, candidates, and continent).

April 2018  |  Reviews

Based on the number of books, periodicals, theses, articles and movies that have seemingly dissected pretty much everything about the modern-day Afghanistan campaign, you might think you've heard it all. As it turns out, the unique perspective of the operational commander is compelling and adds much to our understanding.

July 2017  |  Opinion

Rather than encourage accountability, accumulated flaws of the antiquated Access to Information Act (ATI Act) serve to shield against transparency within the bureaucracy of government.

June 2017  |  Opinion

On a list of challenges worthy of Canada's newfound chutzpah, here’s one – the unfinished mission in Afghanistan. Will Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland match the rhetoric with action on NATO's request for non-military assistance in Afghanistan?

May 2016  |  Magazine

StratCom cannot erase the outcomes of bad policy and poor operational execution. A look at the successes and shortcomings of NATO Strategic Communications during the ISAF mission.