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Casey Brunelle is a security and intelligence consultant with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, specializing in counterterrorism, public safety, and geopolitics. He is a strategic advisor to the International Airport Watch Association, a not-for-profit community policing and crime prevention program enhancing aviation security around airports.

Articles by this writer

July 2021  |  Opinion

Even though Israeli border police and transportation officials strongly discourage travel to the West Bank, travelling in an around the area was an incredible cultural adventure.

July 2020  |  Featured Article, Magazine

Whether we like it or not, systemic relations, transactions, and clashes between people and polities across the globe rarely have the consideration to pause for our convenience (or global pandemics). One’s understanding of conflict must continually be challenged in order to be relevant when it is needed most. Through a historical evaluation of the foreign policy objectives of the three major pre-Islamic iterations of Iranian dominance, this essay concludes that many of the historical lessons can be accurately applied today.

July 2020  |  Magazine

Since its 1979 revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran has garnered a reputation among global powers as the model of a so-called “rogue nation” or a “pariah state.” Orchestrating a range of covert actions in the Middle East, from propping up Shia militia groups in Iraq and funding Hezbollah to allegedly bombing foreign oil assets in the Persian Gulf and clandestinely developing a nuclear capability, the ayatollahs have committed themselves to a campaign frequently labelled as bombastic and illogical, serving only to push Iran further away from international acceptance. This paper argues that such strategic and operational measures are driven neither by political shortsightedness nor revolutionary fanaticism, but rather are a calculated policy that seeks to reassert Iran as a regional powerbroker capable of unilaterally determining events in this volatile crossroads of the world, just like its Persian forebearers of classical antiquity. Through a historical evaluation of the foreign policy objectives of the three major pre-Islamic iterations of Iranian dominance – the Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sassanid empires – this essay concludes that many of the historical precedents of these ancient states mirror that of the modern Islamic Republic, and that the same lessons of their respective formations and demises can be accurately applied to the “Iran Question” today.

November 2017  |  Magazine

The Air Mobility Training Centre is one of the most advanced and innovative facilities in the world, and is located at CFB Trenton.

September 2016  |  Opinion

From all facets across the political spectrum, Donald Trump has been described as both the best and worst thing to happen to U.S. politics.

May 2016  |  Magazine

WWII Spitfire and Hurricane pilot epitomizes the dedication and humility of wartime service.

May 2016  |  Opinion

To state that tensions between Russia and NATO have risen markedly in the last several years does little to improve understanding and insight of political realities.

March 2016  |  Magazine

History is replete with examples of brilliant military deception at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, alike. Can lessons be applied today?

February 2016  |  Opinion

The recent Republican debate began with a quote from George Washington: “truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”

November 2015  |  Opinion

The recent Paris attacks reminds the world once again of the very real and evolving threat of militant extremism both at home and abroad.

July 2012  |  Magazine

Approximately 600 Canadian Soldiers from 33 Canadian Brigade Group participated in this year's training event for maintaining and honing both individual and group skills at the tactical and operational levels.

September 2010  |  Magazine

Canada's Army helps government workers and interested members of the defence community get a little better understanding of a soldier's lifestyle.