Security Advisor

Joseph Varner has extensive experience in the fields of intelligence, international security, and diplomacy as a trusted advisor to the highest levels of the Canadian government. He holds certificates in Emergency Program Management, Hazardous Materials, and Disaster Recovery. Joe Varner is an Adjunct Scholar at West Point’s Modern War Institute and is author of “Canada’s Asia-Pacific Security Dilemma.”

Articles by this writer

January 2021  |  Magazine

In just six weeks of war, the Azeris successfully demonstrated how the deployment of lethal kamikaze drones has changed the face of 21st century warfare.

August 2019  |  Opinion

With the looming threat of conventional wars between great and regional powers appearing increasingly likely, the U.S. should quickly shore up its strategic military alliances.

May 2017  |  Opinion

British police are reportedly desperately searching to find the bomb-making factory, the bomb-maker, and additional members of the ISIS terror cell operating in the United Kingdom in hopes of averting another tragic attack can occur.

January 2017  |  Magazine

The politicization of Canada’s Defence procurement process continued with the recent announcement of a $4.6 billion plan for 16 new aircraft to replace Canada’s fleet of old C-130 Hercules tactical transports just on the eve of the federal election.

November 2005  |  Magazine

Al Qaeda has long had a fascination with maritime targets and has a history of going after these interests with only limited success.