WWII Veteran

Wolf is a first generation immigrant child of Russian-Jewish parents who sought asylum as refugees in Canada. He joined the Army at the age of 19 as an Artillery officer. He was severely injured during a training exercise in England, but a prolonged period of rehabilitation, volunteered to transfer to Infantry, and was posted to the Algonquin Regiment, where he served as a First Lieutenant in command of a combat platoon in N.W. Europe. While still in Germany, he was seconded to the Department of Veterans Affairs, in Montreal, as a special "Rehabilitation Officer", to facilitate the discharge procedure and transition to civilian life of the waves of returning soldiers. Pursuant to various health complications and needs, he became a Long Term Care Resident at Ste. Anne's Hospital, some five years ago, where, though bound to bed and wheelchair, he has become an agitator/activist on behalf of his fellow-Veterans.

Articles by this writer

August 2018  |  Magazine

A 95-year-old Canadian Army veteran of World War Two goes public with his account of conditions at the veteran's hospital where he lives. He details how the level of care has disintegrated over the past 2-year period.