Canadian Defence Policy

A prolific writer and editor of popular and academic works, Dr. Bercuson also does regular television and radio commentary. In 2004, he received the Vimy Award which recognizes Canadians who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to defence and security and the preservation of democratic values. He is a Research Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and Director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at UCalgary.

Articles by this writer

July 2018  |  Opinion

Russia is busy showing off its increasingly powerful Navy but, according to David Bercuson, it is more to create a diversion and to gain diplomatic influence.

May 2018  |  Magazine

While some nations work at putting conflict behind them, others work harder to achieve global dominance.

April 2018  |  Opinion

As we all strive to put the Vietnam war behind us, American soaps have replaced American bombs, says David Bercuson. Vietnam now looks to a faltering American leadership to help it stand independently against a renascent and rearming China.

April 2018  |  Opinion

David Bercuson looks at how a dark episode of Canadian history led to substantial changes in military education and leadership throughout the Canadian Armed Forces.

February 2018  |  Magazine, Magazine

Is NATO preparing to deal with the rise of political autarchy? A look at the options available under current constraints.

January 2018  |  Opinion

China and Russia spend less than the United States on a per capita basis, but they are getting better results at modernizing and strengthening their military power. What does this mean for Canada, asks David Bercuson.

December 2017  |  Opinion

David Bercuson wonders how long the government will continue to use political games to avoid making a decision on the fighter jet replacements.

November 2017  |  Opinion

Let’s face it, there is a difference in the way women generally tackle social issues, says David Bercuson. Will an increased female presence on peace operations have the desired effect?

November 2017  |  Opinion

David Bercuson looks at the reasons why Canada appears no closer to a peacekeeping mission today than on the day the Liberals were elected.

October 2017  |  Opinion

Although supported by a large number of Canadians, the Liberal government’s pursuit of a free trade agreement with China ignores real security and defence vulnerabilities posed by such a relationship.

October 2017  |  Opinion

All governments subsidize airplane manufacturers, but political entanglements are jeopardizing the “fairness” of a major competition, writes David Bercuson.

October 2017  |  Opinion

The biggest obstacle to passage of Canadian Arctic waters is the lack of both navigation facilities and rescue services, and this requires heavy icebreakers, notes David Bercuson.

September 2017  |  Opinion

The effort to replace Canada’s fighter jets is reaching new depths of hilarity, writes David Bercuson.

September 2017  |  Opinion

Canada should resist the temptation to follow America's renewed effort in Afghanistan, notes David Bercuson.

August 2017  |  Opinion

The Defence Policy is not perfect by any means, but it comes after exhaustive country-wide consultation, and although there are holes (procurement for one), David Bercuson says there is nothing to dislike.

July 2017  |  Opinion

By putting "people" first, the new Defence Policy is a clearer statement of priorities than we have seen in many years. Short on who, what, where, when, why and how, the rest of the report is weak, says David Bercuson.

May 2017  |  Opinion

The Liberal promise to re-engage Canadian troops in UN peacekeeping ventures seems to have gone the way of most of their defence promises – unfulfilled, delayed or just plain forgotten.

May 2017  |  Opinion

Miniaturization of nuclear weapons and their combination with precision-guided munitions in an attempt to make them “safer” is a most dangerous road, says David Bercuson.