Chief Warrant Officer Guy Parent (retired) was appointed as the second Veterans Ombudsman in November 2010. He now has been serving Canadians in many military and civil functions for over 50 years. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1964. He was trained as a Search and Rescue Technician and graduated in 1972 with qualification as Paramedic, Master Parachutist, Master Diver, Mountain Climbing Instructor and Survival Instructor. He went on to serve as a Search and Rescue Technician for the next three decades.

Articles by this writer

March 2017  |  Opinion

The major challenge facing Veterans is the complexity of dealing with the bureaucracy of the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada. Getting information and services related to entitlements and accessing care is no small feat.

February 2017  |  Opinion

My goal is to ensure fairness for Veterans. To date, we have made 57 recommendations and, of these, the Government has fully or partially implemented 37, leaving 20 still to be addressed.

December 2016  |  Opinion

I’ve been raising this issue for some time without success. There is an unfairness in the Veteran Health Care Regulations in how VAC reimburses Veterans for their treatment expenses.