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A Singapore-based security analyst, Mr Prakash has been a life-long journalist who also served in his nation's armed forces for six years. He rose to the rank of sergeant and left the armed forces honourably on a high-note. He has been a editor, managing editor for various news publications in Singapore, an author and been a correspondent for various Australian newspapers and had also been a columnist.  Jaya has won global recognition for a news article that he wrote on ferry safety that in turn earned the world's highest accolade in maritime journalism; the Sea Horse Awards. He has also won other awards. He became the first person in Singapore, or perhaps in Asia, to enumerate on the deleterious effects of workplace bullying which was even reviewed by a Singapore TV station. He is an alumnus of Australia's University of South Australia.

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July 2017  |  Opinion

Ground readings suggest the Philippines is precariously close to becoming a failed state – a situation the world should not ignore.