Warrant Officer Storey was the CEFCOM HQ War Diarist and OPI for Op KEEPSAKE which oversees the repatriation of mementos, memorials and artifacts from Southwest Asia.  Prior to joining CEFCOM HQ in 2008 as a Reservist, Ed had a 26-year career as a Geomatics Technician with Mapping and Charting Establishment in Ottawa where he served on UN, NATO and CF DART overseas deployments to The Former Yugoslavia, Central Africa and Central America. An avid collector of Canadian Army militaria, he has authored over two dozen magazine articles and a book on selected aspects of material history. He retired from the CF in 2012.

Articles by this writer

January 2011  |  Magazine

Tokens of appreciation from Canadians to troops are saved for posterity.

March 2008  |  Magazine

Emphasis has shifted from training and outlook to a field-deployable asset.

January 2004  |  Magazine

A ceremony by the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment on Lodge Lees Farm in Kent, England marked the repatriation of several WWII artifacts.

January 2004  |  Magazine

Recovering Canadian artifacts.