James Fryer is a defence analyst based in Toronto, Ontario. Fryer represents the nom de plume for a writer whose frank and informative articles continue to hold the government's feet to the fire.

Articles by this writer

January 2023  |  Opinion, Magazine

Will the issue of heavy armour support for Ukraine unite or divide the allies? Will Germany's post-WW2-guilt overpower its modern leadership role in global stability? Is a willing coalition of European neighbours enough to stiffen the German spine?

May 2020  |  Magazine

Efforts to combat the effects of COVID-19 may compel deep cuts to DND/CAF – creating an opportunity to re-align security policy across government. A clearer distinction between 'compulsory' and 'discretionary' missions will help ensure the military's relevance for the most important challenges facing Canadians.

March 2018  |  Magazine, Magazine

How can the public understand why an interim buy of fighter jets is suddenly necessary to ensure Canada’s security, when 13 former Air Force Commanders can’t either?

March 2017  |  Magazine

Defence capability gaps aren’t an issue in our country. So why should the federal government announce one now?

January 2013  |  Magazine, Magazine

There are no bargains in a hostile sky. Alternative fighter jets could make Joint Strike Fighter look like a good deal.