The North

Jane Kokan is an award winning director, camerawoman, independent journalist and lecturer. Her work highlights the reality and dignity of Canada’s Arctic communities. She has produced, directed and filmed documentaries for a variety of broadcasters including: the BBC, Channel 4 (U.K.), PBS, CBC, Global TV, Al Jazeera, ZDF, ARD, SVT, NRK, France 2, NHK, Discovery International, National Geographic and others. Her articles and photographs have been published in: FrontLine Defence, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Economist, New Statesman, National Post, and The Globe and Mail. She has been seen eating raw meat, but only in Nunavut!

Articles by this writer

April 2018  |  Interviews, Magazine

The Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Rangers participate regularly in security and sovereignty exercises. Kids are the future of the North, says BGen Mike Nixon, Commander of Joint Task Force North. 

December 2016  |  Magazine

Canadian soldiers participating in Op Nanook consider the lessons learned.

December 2016  |  Magazine

A look at the new peace support mission realities as the government considers its UN obligations.

September 2013  |  Magazine

Inuit communities are ready, willing and able to contribute in the high North.

January 2012  |  Interviews, Magazine

Canada and Denmark share the challenges of an Arctic AOR. FrontLine talks with RAdm Henrik Kudsk.

July 2011  |  Magazine

Are Arctic sovereignty exercises necessary? Yes. And youth in the North are hungry for more challenges within the Canadian Rangers mandate.

September 2010  |  Magazine

Guardians of the North. The Canadian Rangers are an integral part of our Arctic sovereignty. The primary role of this part-time force is to conduct surveillance or sovereignty patrols as required.