Defence R&D

Dr. Harold Stocker has been a Defence Scientist with the Directorate of Science and Technology Policy (DST Pol), Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) Programs since 2001. In his 25-year career, following post-doctoral assignments, including with the National Research Council of Canada, he held progressively senior mgmt positions with the Atomic Energy Control Board (now, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission), and the nuclear regulatory authority in Canada. Although trained as a nuclear physicist, his interest and attention with DRDC are devoted to the study, analysis and assessment of emerging technologies in the defence and national security domains.

Articles by this writer

July 2004  |  Magazine

The Legal & Ethical Debate Rages On

January 2004  |  Magazine

The future military is likely to include a collaborating, inter­operable mix of humans and technologically smart entities, called Autonomous Intelligent Systems.