International Defense and Security Analyst

A former officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, he went on to be a military advisor to the Saudi Royal Family, Sunil Ram taught for two decades at American Military University in the Military History Department and the School of Security and Global and Studies. He is currently the Director of Intelligence for private concerns in the UAE and works as an international defense consultant to major private enterprises around the world.

Articles by this writer

July 2019  |  Industry News, Magazine

A look at the long journey of the Type 26 being chosen as Canada's new Surface Combatant design for the Royal Canadian Navy.

October 2015  |  Magazine

Examining the complex impacts of asserting military control in a volatile region.

May 2013  |  Magazine

Is North Korea a serious threat or is the West distracted by ploys intended to impress North Korea's own populace?

January 2013  |  Magazine, Magazine

As terrorists and criminals converge, the analysis shows the challenge is shifting to law enforcement. But are we missing something? Terrorism in India represents a massive threat to democracy around the globe.

January 2012  |  Magazine, Magazine

As an ''intelligence asset'', Osama Bin Laden was allowed to live until...

January 2010  |  Magazine

It seems America has forgotten both the lessons of Vietnam and the Soviet experience in Afghanistan, and has fallen back on stupid and arrogant ideas that are simply a rehash of failed tactics and strategies of yesteryear.

May 2007  |  Magazine

Understanding the nature of the civil-military relationship.

March 2007  |  Magazine

One of the most poorly understood world figures today.

March 2005  |  Magazine

The buzzword across NATO and the US military is “Transformation.” Under the leadership of General Rick Hillier the Canadian Forces (CF) is in the process of prosecuting the transformation vision.

September 2004  |  Magazine

The Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) will see 5,000 more Regular Force positions and another 3,000 more Reserve positions created to ease the present manpower crisis in the military.

May 2004  |  Magazine

Given the troubled times we live in, with a war with Iraq raging, nuclear threats from North Korea, and terrorists behind every corner, it is imperative that there be open dialogue between the military and the media in Canada.