Dr Nicola Davies is a Psychologist and writer with an interest in the psychology behind frontline work. 


Articles by this writer

October 2018  |  Magazine

A recent survey revealed that 81% of first responders and military members suffer some form of mental distress. We look at how psycholo­gical  flexibility can ease the psychological impact of frontline work.

February 2018  |  Magazine, Magazine

There are five different types of PTSD, three levels of severity, and as many variations of treatment as there people suffering debilitating effects.

May 2017  |  Magazine

Cyber security falls under the heading of ‘defense of the realm’ and is seen as a matter of national security. For Canada’s armed forces, cyber aptitude tests could prove highly valuable.

January 2015  |  Magazine, Magazine

Explaining the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program of the CAF Mental Health Services.