BGen (ret) JAMES COX
National Security & Intelligence

After a 35 year military career that culminated in leading a NATO strategic military intelligence staff in Mons, Belgium from 1998-2001, Brigadier General (ret) Jim Cox pursued advanced national security and defence intelligence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. Prior to becoming associated with FrontLine magazines, he was the Executive Secretary of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS).

Articles by this writer

September 2016  |  Opinion

Contrary to current media and public punditry, do not expect a major Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) deployment into Africa anytime soon. Some troops may go, as well as a few police and diplomats, but not enough to have any real effect.

July 2006  |  Magazine

Just as government has been responsible for ‘downsizing’ the Canadian Forces, it should also be responsible for increasing it. Government’s role should not be limited to allocating money and then dumping the hard part onto the shoulders of the CF…

May 2006  |  Magazine

CF transformation is generally moving forward as planned, however, serious problems could erupt if it gets out of synch. There are many complicated balls in the air right now, and they all need money and people.

January 2006  |  Magazine

Many in the defence industry community have taken DND to task over the department’s intention to fast-track new  tactical airlift for the Canadian Forces.

January 2005  |  Magazine

Canada is not doing enough, fast enough.

July 2004  |  Interviews, Magazine

Returning from his Kabul posting as Deputy Commander of ISAF, MGen Leslie remains convinced of the need for more soldiers and modernized equipment. In an exclusive FrontLine interview, he offers his insight of time spent in Kabul, and makes a surprising suggestion for increased efficiency. 

May 2004  |  Magazine, Reviews

NSP - Time to get serious!

May 2004  |  Magazine

What happened to the National Security Policy (NSP) during the federal election campaign?

March 2004  |  Magazine

Deputy Prime Minister and Public Safety Minister, Anne McLellan, has announced the government’s intention to develop a comprehensive, integrated national security policy.