Security & Intelligence

Peter Avis served on a number of frigates and destroyers, was the XO of HMCS Ville de Quebec and the elite Sea Training Unit, and was CO of HMCS Fredericton. He served as senior policy advisor for Transportation Security and Emergency Mgmt in the PCO. He was called back to NDHQ as Chief of Staff for the Board of Inquiry on Detainees in Afghanistan. Retired in 2008, he joined Lansdowne Technologies as a Senior Consultant for Defence and Security.

Articles by this writer

May 2008  |  Magazine

The modern naval reservist has been training to become expert at important domestic security tasks.

July 2005  |  Magazine

In the context of national security, it has been made clear that the terrorist has changed the battlespace. This is particularly notable in the realm of Maritime Security.

January 2005  |  Magazine

The Canadian Government embarks on the review of the Bill C-36.

March 2004  |  Magazine

Traditionally, we have been a nation that “reacts” to crises, but Canada has a part to play in this international Security and Intelligence transformation.