Defence and Security

Tim Lynch was a passionate journalist who wrote about Pacific Maritime issues from public policy perspective. He has researched and written several articles about law enforcement and security in the maritime setting. Before his death in January 2017, he had been engaged in defining the relationships among policy fields associated with National Defence and National Healthcare in Canada with the goal of defining security as a determinant of healthy communities.

Articles by this writer

August 2016  |  Magazine

The expanding threat environment, with a particular focus on Canada’s preparations to mitigate and recover from disruptions (natural & human), was explored at a conference organized by the Royal Canadian Military Institute, ­entitled “Are We Prepared?”

October 2015  | 

A robust foreign policy requires a robust defence policy – were both lacking for the mission in Afghanistan?

October 2015  | 

Understanding how Canada managed its part in the war in Afghanistan is critical to future decision-making. What happens when leadership gets distracted by other priorities?

July 2015  |  Magazine

Surprisingly, at a recent Foreign Policy conference, there was no specific reference to the role a military capability contributes to defining Canada’s position on the world stage.

July 2012  |  Magazine

Today’s global maritime order is based on delicate legal and political balances achieved through the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and enforced with sustained effort.

January 2012  |  Magazine, Magazine

Working within NATO's ROE.

May 2011  |  Interviews, Magazine

Mexican Navy deals with increasingly threats by transnational organized crime and subversive elements.