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Since retiring from his position as Logistics Officer in the Canadian Air Force (2004), Major Robert Day continues his passion for research and military analysis as a military historian. His military service has included posting in almost every region of the country and in Canadian Forces Europe. He has several degrees including an MA in War Studies from RMC where he was the Hunt Prize winner as the top graduate of his graduating year.

Articles by this writer

July 2015  |  Magazine

Are recent demonstrations of Russian military prowess just a façade?

September 2014  |  Magazine

Of the many flashpoints developing around the world, Russia and China are two simmering challenges. Are they going to erupt or stay the course?

July 2014  |  Magazine

The current situation in Eastern Europe reveals that the “Cold War” between democracy and communism has never truly been put to rest.

May 2014  |  Magazine

Were Western democracies naïve to Russian and Chinese agendas?

March 2014  |  Magazine, Magazine

Ensuring sufficient experienced project management staff are in place is the first step in returning to efficiency.

May 2013  |  Magazine

Increased criminal, commercial and naval activities along our western coast will influence Naval fleet considerations.

March 2013  |  Magazine, Magazine

A number of false assumptions have led to foreseeable logistics failures.

September 2012  |  Magazine

Are political pundits and financial analysts trying to write off the USA prematurely?

July 2012  |  Magazine

A response to the ''Platform Procurement'' editorial from last edition.

July 2012  |  Magazine

Is it time to chart a new path? Many questions must be considered when preparing for negotiations regarding future participation in NATO.

May 2012  |  Magazine

The Fine Art of Contingency Planning and Compromise

November 2011  |  Magazine

Examining the option of nuclear-powered submarines to enhance protection of Canadian littoral waters.

September 2011  |  Magazine

Many of us wish we could turn the clock back 30 years to a simpler, safer time, but we cannot avoid the reality of the modern world.

January 2011  |  Magazine

What does the future hold for defence funding and procurement?

January 2011  |  Magazine

Canadian Forces Industry

September 2010  |  Magazine

MBDA HARDBUT testing; enhanced Leopard tanks arrive; SLAMRAAM programme may be terminated; UK Royal Navy will now operate only one of its Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers; US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) tests as well as other testing the Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime multi-mission aircraft; Japan considers extra submarines; India still considering options for fighter aircraft; UK shift Royal Navy JSF purchases from F-35B STOVL to F-35C carrier version; Thailand to procure second batch of six Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft.

September 2010  |  Magazine

We should be keeping an eye on events in the Pacific, the situation has changed dramatically in the last 60 years.

July 2010  |  Magazine

Strategic analysts are now attempting to focus on new potential future strategic trends that will impact future defence planning.

July 2010  |  Magazine

JSF costs declining, insists Lockheed Martin; Attack Helicopters; Saab officials await India or Brazil selection of JAS 39 Gripen NG fighter; Converteam UK to develop electromagnetic catapult system; Ghana to acquire 10 new Navy vessels; Chemring unveils new decoy launcher; New weapons cartridge for NATO; Chinese Howitzer gets mobile; Road blocked for New British armoured vehicle capabilities?

May 2010  |  Magazine

No other nation has followed this course of action, suggesting to their respective governments that unification is a flawed concept.

May 2010  |  Magazine

What is on the horizon for space, airforce, navy and army.

January 2010  |  Magazine

Synopsis of defence equipment plans around the world.

January 2010  |  Magazine

We, as a nation, can no longer accept administrative delays when it comes to enabling the Canadian Forces to provide critical security.

November 2009  |  Magazine

Quick synopsis of international defence equipment plans.

July 2009  |  Magazine

Quick synopsis of international defence equipment plans.

July 2009  |  Magazine

There is now a major debate underway among various military forces as to the appropriate caliber of rounds to be used in future conflicts.

May 2009  |  Magazine

Synopsis of defence equipment plans around the world.

May 2009  |  Magazine

Traditionally, Canada’s government has sought to quickly return to pre-conflict status quo after a mission ends, will history repeat?

January 2009  |  Magazine

Synopsis of defence equipment plans around the world: China: Aircraft Carrier; China: fighter craft; Nuclear Base revealed; India: Carrier; UK: Viking refurbishment; India: NAG anti-tank missile; Sweden: CV90 designs; Taiwan: UH60; China/Russia: helicopters; US: JSF

January 2009  |  Magazine

Another classic case of hasty decisions that return downstream to haunt us.

September 2008  |  Magazine

Assessing the problems and possible remedies to the dilemma of international attention and claims related to Canada’s Northern extremes. A “National Arctic Strategy” would quell further disruption.

March 2008  |  Magazine

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Canada was an aerospace powerhouse.

January 2008  |  Magazine

The procurement process is fraught with far too many interlopers who have inserted themselves into the process.

March 2007  |  Magazine

Safeguarding the rights of captured terrorists.

May 2006  |  Magazine

If you don’t have it, don’t count on it. There has been a concerted movement towards the development of “light” forces with agile support services. We must take time to reflect on the full impacts some of these decisions might have.

September 2005  |  Magazine

There is only one way to ensure that Canadian sovereignty is protected, and that is through the ability of the nation to exercise joint military power in concert with a strong foreign policy and an able diplomatic service.

September 2005  |  Magazine

Canada has not possessed any capability for Combat Search and Rescue since the end of the Second World War when Canadian squadrons participated in the rescue of many downed allied airmen, however, this may have to change – and very soon.

March 2005  |  Magazine

There has arisen a problem surrounding the understanding and use of the terms used to describe the governance of defence issues and problems. Growing dependence on civilian business management publications and incorrect use of these terms by government managers and civilian ­consultants has come to create problems for the government’s lexicon.

September 2004  |  Magazine

We require the preparation of a realistic defence policy and program that will both demonstrate our intention to protect our sovereignty, our people and our resources and our intention to fulfill our role as a meaningful action on the international scene.

July 2004  |  Magazine, Reviews

Book Review

July 2004  |  Magazine, Reviews

Britain and the First World War

May 2004  |  Magazine

Are We Ready for 4th generation Warfare?