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General Sir Jack Deverell retired from the British Army in March 2004. An infantryman, his experience lies mostly in the field of operations and training. His command appointments have included a battalion in Northern Ireland, an All Arms Brigade, (the NATO assigned United Kingdom Mobile Force), and two NATO appointments, Deputy Commander (Operations) SFOR in Bosnia and finally CinC AFNORTH.

Articles by this writer

July 2007  |  Magazine

It is self-evident that members of an armed force must be extremely disciplined. Commitment and education levels of today's recruits have been called into question, however, as have their willingness to put up with adversity, their lack of deference and their physical and mental robustness. Will leaders be able to effectively harness the raw independence of today's youth?

January 2006  |  Magazine

Expeditionary warfare against an asymmetric enemy makes profound demands on political and military structures, and brings with it high levels of risk, not least because the war is more likely to be one of choice than of necessity...