Synthetic and Technical Training

Stan Jacobson provides expert consulting to government agencies interested in performance-based support solutions that significantly improve technicians on-job performance, while reducing the investment required to train and support technical staff. As a domain expert in technical training and performance support technologies, Mr. Jacobson has provided targeted consulting for clients that include the British Army, Canadian Navy, Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, US Navy, UK Royal Navy, and various international Government Departments. He currently leads consulting efforts to integrate Synthetic Equipment Trainers within SCORM compliant Integrated Learning Solutions

Articles by this writer

July 2005  |  Magazine

Recent issues of FrontLine have discussed the use of simulators in the field of maintenance training. The Canadian Navy was a world leader in the decision to migrate to PC-based maintenance training. This migration began as a result of decisions made in 1992 to support the evolving training requirements of the Canadian Patrol Frigate (CPF) project.

March 2005  |  Magazine

Training supports the ­”ultimate” activity, which is cost-effective, timely and accurate on-the-job performance. Individuals in the training pipeline (instructors, students, or support staff), are not performing operational tasks.

January 2005  |  Magazine

...Force Multiplier or Achilles Heel?