Naval Affairs

Commander (ret) Ralph Fisher passed away in 2014. He was a sub-specialist in naval aircraft electrical & electronic systems. His most memorable appointments were in the 19th and 30th Carrier Air Groups and Experimental Sqn 10 at Shearwater, the US Naval Air R&D Command, and the hydrofoil warship development program. He later served as Deputy Director Scientific & Technical Intelligence at CFHQ. He contributed to volunteer works on the history & heritage of the Navy, its interests and the rebuilding of defence forces.

Articles by this writer

March 2005  |  Magazine

With the shake up in leadership by Defence Minister, Bill Graham, and apparent mandate by the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Rick Hillier, to revitalize culture and structure, there is a growing warmth of expectation that we are entering a new age of naval forces for ­projection of power and humanity from the sea.