Writer & Defence Analyst

Previously a successful oil and gas industry broker in both Public and Private sectors, Mark is an Independent defence/geopolitical analyst with interests in maintaining adequate defence capability for Canada. A University of Alberta Graduate, with a Bachelor of Science in Geography/Cartography, he has written numerous articles and National Reports for respected publications since mid-1998. Mark provides clients with tailored, concise, impartial research & analysis. His comprehensive article on Canada's new Victoria class submarines was published on both the Submariners Association of Canada web site and the Defence Associations News web site.

Articles by this writer

August 2016  |  Magazine

For those who thought Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) was dead, its time to wake up to the fact that submarine numbers worldwide have increased by some 100 boats over the past decade.

March 2016  |  Magazine

Does the name change to the National Shipbuilding Strategy signal a shift from the “longer timeframe for less capability and more cost” scenario the NSPS is being criticized for?

September 2004  |  Magazine

Reduced post Cold War threat, budget reductions, and regional conflicts are driving factors behind the restructuring of the Bundeswehr (Military) from a large Mechanized force, structured to repel armoured attacks by Warsaw Pact forces, to lighter, rapidly deployable units suited for UN missions and Peace Support Ops.

March 2004  |  Magazine

Budget 2004 has yet-again ignored DND’s desire for an integral Strategic Airlift capability.

March 2004  |  Magazine

For a cost of C$80M, Arcturus SAR would provide both an improved east coast SAR capability and a footprint Canadian Military presence, demonstrating Arctic Sovereignty through increased NORPATs.